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"The Past"

Updated on March 17, 2012

Let the past make you better not bitter
Keep moving forward cuz life is a river
It don't flow backwards
Be a Forgiver & forgetter
Can't change what was
Can change what is
and what will be
Make it what You wish
And you'll see
That we
Can do it, U and Me
Before se puede is si
All you need
Is to believe
One day you'll know that this is key
One word, family

Second verse, For better or worse
A blessing not a curse
Something you can't reverse
Rather have one and not need it
Than need one and not have one
This one thing you need
Like plants need the sun
Without it is no fun
Sometimes you just wanna run
But remember before I'm done
They will never shun
Rather love, forgive and accept
One another we protect
This one of a kind concept
There whenever you wept
Roof over your head when you slept
Thus In my heart I've kept
All these special ones in depth
Despite feelings unexpressed
The reason I value every breath
Climb this mountain til I reach the crest
I aint stopping there
Because I care, anytime I'm put to the test
All these days given unto me I make the best
Lookin at my life I know I'm blessed
Thanking God til the day im put to rest


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