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The Peak That Created History ( Poem)

Updated on June 28, 2016

Introduction to Poem

Strength, desire and sometime weakness spells our worth and purpose in life. So if you know where you are suppose to go in the journey of life.

why should obstacles bring you to a hurt?

The most discouraging place in the struggle to achieving destiny could be at your 70% - 80% .

We have started, no turning back.

No matter the intensity of setback.

We will reach the peak of our life that will create the history we are meant to create !


It was an expression

The sign of an enormous strength

Merge in the faculty of a being

Though fused in its ore

To be sieved as becoming an asset

Even its propeller into realization

The birth of an uncovered gap

Knowing a virtue, as displayed

The showcase of a substance

The difference between persons

That identifies its grout

As becoming a stranger from similitude

Isolating its sight before all

The splendor awaiting performance

Exploring a value, as understood

The fight for brightness in glory

The struggle for prominences

By the difference in its substance

That projects a zealous man

As becoming a man of impact

The display of an achiever

Running toward a target

A Joy set at an endpoint

Distance seems driven apart

But glory a must it succeeds

In crowning a path to existence

The space made as to infinity

The Bus stops of all that quits

Computing a worth for all

Nights of thought stretch boundlessly

A delicacy prepare with its pleasure

An astonishing sight, for an eye

That was girded with focus, as of a gate

And guided with care, as of an egg

A distinct pattern of Accumulation

Executing in maximum

An amassed glory in time

The prize for a life well spent

That expands the capacity of a brain

Even into acquisition of the impeccable

The height in one’s attainment

The Peak that created history

Abba Elijah also known as elijagod (elija_god)


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  • abbaelijah profile image

    Abba Elijah aka elijagod 3 years ago from Abuja - Nigeria

    That is it.

    If we must get to the top then we must take the path to success.

    Thanks for the comment Gypsy Rose Lee !

  • Gypsy Rose Lee profile image

    Gypsy Rose Lee 3 years ago from Riga, Latvia

    Creative and clever thanks for this journey.

  • abbaelijah profile image

    Abba Elijah aka elijagod 3 years ago from Abuja - Nigeria


  • kj force profile image

    kjforce 3 years ago from Florida

    abbaelijah...brilliantly I once quoted " sometimes we must travel back to see how far we have come "...thus we will then discover our worth upon this life of which we live...

    You appear to be on a journey at this time in your life, proof is in your recent writes...enjoy your day.