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The Philosophy of Socrates: Part XIX

Updated on September 3, 2011

Two Unlikely Events

--The Wise Socrates was taking a daily walk on a cloudy day, the Sight of a funeral was just up ahead. As he approached, a small group had took a position around a small stone structure that marked the individuals soulful recess--


Hello Anyothia...I'm sorry about your loss...I have lost many over my time here on this earth...I feel your sorrow and wish of Solitude,


Oh I don't mean to come across like that Mr. Socrates...It's just that one of my relatives has passed away...My Family said you might not come,

I do thank you...Your a great inspiration to my father...A man of great working stamina...You have taught him all he knows.

--An Earthquake suddenly begins to tremble the earth around the funeral in place, within seconds the funeral stone had collapsed onto the ground below--

Another Woman in the crowd:

The Gods curse us...why did they destroy his gravestone...The only wish he had wanted atop his resting place,

What do we do now...We need to put it back up...I have to spend more money...All I do is spend...spend...spend.


Socrates...Why did this happen...I've only experienced that four times in my lifespan...Why did the stone fall Mr. Socrates?


It fell because the Gods had a specific reason for this event...Other unfortunate things have happened elsewhere,

Don't think the Gods were angry at him...But rather seek why this event happened...Was it even caused by the Gods?

Or was it simply created like the other three...You've seen Mt. Olympus Spew it's red fire from time to time after an earthquake havn't you?

Seen the rocks fall from cliffs into the open ocean...Maybe to appease Poseidon himself...Do you wish to find out the reason...?


Mr. Socrates...You always have a funny way about approaching things...Maybe I will try to figure out why...Maybe one day join the mystical Oracles like yourself,

I have begun to accept his death now...Maybe my heart can move on to intellectual freedoms now.


Anyothia...There may be a day that I place you on the same level as the scroll greedy Plato...We will see but continue to pursue your prosepect in life,

It will reward you ten silver coins more to experience a new thing rather than relive an old one...Anyothia I wish you the God's Blessing...I must go now.

--The Young Anyothia hugged Socrates, and then teacher and student parted ways. Socrates would think of the earthquake funeral explanations, while Anyothia would try to engineer a Primitive Earthquake reader from wood and stone--


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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      You are absolutely right, and you know I felt I should make a chapter on past vs. new experience. My girlfriend left me as of recently so this poem fit the description of the basic principle behind this. Thank you once again for giving me some positive feedback, your words are always warmhearted.

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Another good read.

      "It will reward you ten silver coins more to experience a new thing rather than relive an old one...Anyothia I wish you the God's Blessing...I must go now"

      How can we experience what life has in store for us if we keep reliving the past?