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The Philosophy of Socrates: Part XVII

Updated on September 12, 2011

The Morning Breakfast

--The small tavern was bustling at 6am in the morning, Socrates taking a seat among a two seated table, a waitress quickly scurrying toward him to take an order--

The Waitress:

Hello Socrates...I see you have arrived on time once again...hemera heliu is the don't look so great...have you not eaten as you normally do?

You speak much wise tips and tales...but you cannot seem to stay away from the food much less keep it's temptation away,

Oh but I see you have lost at least fifteen pounds or more...may I interest you in some fresh bread and aged cheese...or would you prefer the lamb and egg hash?


You have noticed haven't bones don't take kindly to my once chubby exterior...I must say I have been bothered by quite a bit lately,

Do you not feel as though the gods have begun to rain a false wrath upon Athens...perceptions always not what they seem?

The Senate has become more frantic in the past weeks...burning down homes...not sacrificing enough animals to keep disease away...even lovers are falling from grace,

The Waitress:

Oh always ramble on...I feel as though I could walk away and come back ten times and you will still have something witty to announce to me,

You are right though...officers of the law are not as keen to the women's presence at nighttime...we walk the streets without protection anymore,

I'm afraid one night my walk from work at dusk will be my last...some defiled creature of a man will viasmos me...and when he's finished there will be no trace of me left,

I see the senate and the high-class merchants talking of bribes in terms of blood tainted gold...I want to see a better Athens Socrates...I do for sure.


Do you see now why I have not been eating so?

Does the prospect of deception cause your soul to shiver from dis-assembly...fragile hopes and dreams of a better life no where to be found?

I ask you...Why did you become a waitress...a barmaid that men can clasp and touch all the days you truly want to be this way forever?

The Waitress:

I do not wish to be this way forever...I hate the way those dirty grungy men stare...their brown soulless eyes burning holes in my essence,

Socrates you always uplift my give me something to think about every time you come in here...but the other girls tell me not to listen to you,

They say your crazy...delusional...fanatical at best...what am I to make of all I actually take your account with my heart and run with it...or discount it as satirical?


My young waitress...I wish to see you make the choices needed to pursue your positive positioning in this great world we as humans call home,

I do not wish to see you fall from grace before your young beauty has faded from you not see the grand picture...the finale in future tales?

In betterment of you find yourself slipping from the gods blessings...or do you feel knowledgeable in reality and dreams themselves...How do you compare?

The Waitress:

Your right Socrates...Completely right...I am living in despair...and I have not yet found myself to the fullest potential that I have dreamed since a little girl,

The dreams of wanting to help sick animals...not drunken men falling from their stools after a sloppy rage overtook them,

Thank you for coming in routinely every week...wishing for me to wait on you...your wisdom Socrates is the greatest I have ever known...Thank you kindly.


Oh don't thank me...Thank you not see your essence glowing right now...the bright aura that flows along your exterior like doves in the easy flowing sea breeze?

I have decided to get the Lamb...Egg...and's been a long week...and I wish to eat away the sorrows I have seen...Thank you kindly.

--The Waitress kindly nods, and hugs Socrates tightly, after a few moments walking back into the kitchen to give the order to the cook, the room suddenly lighter after their brief talk, just another day in the life of Socrates--

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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Well said

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      "In betterment of you find yourself slipping from the gods blessings...or do you feel knowledgeable in reality and dreams themselves...How do you compare?"

      By not pursuing her dreams of wanting to help sick animals , the waitress is ignoring her true calling.

      Voted up and awesome.