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The Philosophy of Socrates: Part XX

Updated on September 6, 2011

An Unwanted Visitor

--The Skies were cloudy, the wind barely blowing a breeze across the rocky hills as Socrates walked, raindrops making their mark on various parts of his ragged clothing as he ran for a patch of trees to escape them--


This Rain...I loathe it so much...the drips and drops that hit the ground like a drum...Noises that simply interrupt my thoughts,

I want to only walk without delay...there is a slight worry in the wind today...I wonder what is to become of today,

It's funny...not even two and a quarter days ago the gods shook this fragile earth...I was meaning to speak to Plato tommorow to study the stars in accordance.

--Socrates was deep in thought, a sharp blade was suddenly held firmly around his neck, An unknown attacker from behind began his demands--


Look old man...You can do this nicely or you can fight it...either way your not going to live past's your choice,

I am asking for all your money to be handed less than everything...Do you understand me old man...?


I have no money...I don't believe in money as much as I do are free to kill me if you wish,

But I must ask you this...Will my death make you happier about your own life?

Do you truly believe that money is the answer to all your problems?

Must you truly rob and steal...Holding people up for the sake of the next silver coin to give you that next drink?


What...Don't talk like that...I know you have money...I will take it myself...and if you don't truly have any...I will kill you where you stand!

--The Thief pushed Socrates away a bit, patting him down around his robed clothing in an attempt to collect his unlucky dues, but was shocked to find nothing but some bread and water in Socrates possession--


Old really have nothing but food and water...What kind of person are you...Who doesn't carry coins with him on a travel?


Oh young man...Don't you understand what the purpose of life truly is...It is not about Wealth...Power...Glory,

I don't even know the purpose of life...It is mearly your understanding of the world around you and how you can help another,

Do you see that coins mearly weigh you down...A human possession that has no gain nor peace of mind?

--Socrates takes his bread and water from his pockets, and with a smile hands his assailant the two items, The attacker now dumbfounded at the events that had just taken place.--


I don't understand why you are doing this old man...I came here to kill you...But you are offering me food and water for my horrible act towards you...Why are you doing such a thing...?


It is not what you have done in the did something that happened seconds ago...yet your life can change for the good as of now,

I ask you to drop your it firmly in the dirt as a symbol of your good deeds to come, relenquish the anger and sadness you hold close,

Please take this bread and water...Eat and drink while you walk and talk to me...I wish be a friend to you...It doesnt have to be madness any longer.

--The Assailant slowly bends down and places his dagger firmly in the ground, tears dropping from his eyes as he looks back up at the old man that he almost killed. The sun began to peer from the cloudy skies, the rain beginning to make a lighter descent now.--


I can't believe that I'm crying...I haven't done this since my father left me as a kid...I promise to make my dreams become my aspirations,

Old Man...Before I sob too long...May I please know your name...?


I am Socrates...just some old man that wishes the world to be a better place...there are many others like yourself that only wish to find themselves again,

Your tears have shown me that you are still admiration that will go far in life from this day forward.


Thank you Socrates for showing me my true nature...I wish you the God's blessing from the bottom of my heart,

When everyone in my family disbanded me...You have shown me that even strangers in unlikely circumstances could be a messenger from the Gods.

I will most certainly walk with you...I would like to listen to more of your words of wisdom...May I Socrates...?


Of course you and drink...I will walk with you to the next village where I will ask a friend to give you a place to rest your head so that you may start your life anew.

--Tears continued to fall from the newly reformed man's eyes...Words of Wisdom keeping the dagger from touching the compassionate Socrates as they continued their walk together down the rocky path as the sun began to shine brightly upon them.--

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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Peace can always be strived towards

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      Can you just imagine if we shared our bread, water and friendship with our enemies? No more wars.

      Voted up and awesome