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The Place We All Find Ourselves

Updated on November 29, 2014

Looking out the window the details blur

Open up the sunroof roll down the glass

Foot off the pedal and coast through the turn

Impatient line behind me they signal to pass

Frowns and furrowed brows fill their rear view mirrors

Hurried conversations the lost connection in their commute

Distractions fuel their discontent in the world As their calluses grow numb to all the beauty

Sitting on my hood on the side of the road

They think I'm crazy just watching the sky

But if they just emptied their minds for a moment and looked around they too would know

So here we are again the bits in between A rush flows over my body

As I wonder if I am insane

Wipe me clean as I listen to what others say

Seeing it in their eyes how I need to fit into the world they see

The societarial responsibilities of a world that has deadened me

To myself

The place we all find ourselves

Remote and strange because it is not where we are meant to be

Moments of inspiration are the moments we let go of what we know to be true, I am meant to be a husband. Two cars and a toaster an American Dream

If you listen to those moments you will understand so much more than they see

Eyes open hearts race limitations disappear

You think it through I thought I knew I thought I understood what had been

I am what surrounds me and the bits in between


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