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The Power and the Importance of Information

Updated on December 10, 2018
Uzochukwu Mike profile image

Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P, is a writer that have written both articles and books. He writes on diverse topics including motivation.

A bag that houses great information of success. The green colour by the sides is green vegetation of growth. A design carried out by the author.
A bag that houses great information of success. The green colour by the sides is green vegetation of growth. A design carried out by the author. | Source


Of what importance or power is Information?

There is a popular saying “information is power”. Information has very good power and we see its importance in our everyday life. That community A succeeds or is succeeding more than community B is because the A has the right information more than B.

Before further writing on this topic, let us first of all do justice to the keywords used in the title of this writeup. What is information? Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has many definitions of the word “information”. But, the one that suites this topic properly is the definition that sees information as “facts or knowledge provided or learned”. The word “power” is defined as the ability to do something or act in a particular way. “Importance” implies of great significance or value. So, this topic in the other way can be titled the ability and the significance of knowledge.

Among two men that are into the same kind of business, the reason why one has edge over the other one is because of the understanding of the power and the importance of information in the business. The businessman that makes less profit than the other may think that his fellow is using magic or a talisman but all lies on information. That one that succeeds more than the other must have conveyed important and powerful information to the people in the society through online adverting, creating awareness and giving good picture of his business to the masses, while the opponent is still operating on local level.

In the area of writing, there are many authors that have published powerful books but the books sell on local level without going international and sell less. On the other hand, there are other authors who publish less quality books, yet the whole world have read them and drive knowledge from those books. The difference between those that operate on local level and others that have gone international relies on the power of information. Those who publish less quality books yet have gone so many places in the world is so because they understand and got the right information on how to use the modern technology and networking to promote and sell more of their published books all over the world. That is the power and the importance of information in action.

In this piece, attention will be paid on the importance and power of information as it cuts across many areas of our everyday life. These areas include the power and the importance of information in solving unemployment, youth unemployment, national crises, its influence on students’ academic success, impact in technology and its advancement, and in economic growth.

The Power and Importance of Information in solving Unemployment

The unemployment challenge among people from many parts of the world is because many do not understand and embrace the power of information. When people value and go for the right information, they gain knowledge, and through the knowledge acquire skills, and finally through the acquired skills get employed by making use of their skill.

The problem of unemployment is because of lack of access to information. There are many who have made so much money on this planet earth because they understood the power of information. Because of the importance and the power of the information, many have change the world positively and unite people all over the world. The inventor of the most popular social media site, Facebook, is making great impact in the lives of the people all over the world because of what he used the power of information to do. If he did not get the information, there will be nothing like Facebook today. When he was still young, his father gave him access to the right information by hiring the person that taught him programming in his young age.

Amazon on the other which was founded by Jeff Bezos would not have provided employment for people all over the globe without information. It is because the founder had information and good ideas that made it to be in existence today; otherwise there will be nothing like that today. Today, Amazon has millions of people who market their products through it. These people include dealers in DVDs, books, cables, electronics, jewelries, Fashion and so many others.

The Power and Importance of Information in solving Youth Unemployment

Youth unemployment worldwide is of high increase as days go on. I wonder what the future of many youths will be like as many are starving from information. The starvation in information is one of the reasons why many youths are still unemployed till today and as of this moment that you are reading this piece, there is a youth somewhere thinking about how to come out of the pit of unemployment challenge that have swallowed him.

The youths are seen in corruption cases because of the high level of unemployment that they are facing. The courts sometime sentence many of them to long time imprisonment due to the level of corruption they are found in. Depending on the class of offence they commit, they sometimes after judgement stay up to twenty to twenty five years in prison.

The governments have been blamed by many for being incapable of providing jobs to the youths of their countries. On the televisions, social media sites, in marketing places, and in offices, the topic of the government being incompetent by failing in provision of jobs for the youths are being discussed. The question is on whether discussing the incompetency of the government will solve the youth unemployment challenge? Poverty has catch up with many of our youths today.

Most youths all over the world are still battling with unemployment challenge because they fail to understanding the power of information. The only saviour to youth unemployment challenge is having the right information to change their status. Information is powerful and the quality of information youths have is dependent on how successful any youth will be, including being successful in getting jobs and being free from the menace of unemployment.

There are many information that are going on out there that would have helped the world youth to be employed by employers or even by self employment but the fact is that the youths do not dig deep to discover the quality of these information.

In the recent time for instance, Microsoft launched a new idea they called Microsoft Youth Spark. This program is mapped out to train the youths on web development, app designing, and in other computer related areas irrespective of the course or the area that the youth specialize. This training is given free for youths who are still students in various institutions. Many who have access to this information have been benefiting from this and in turn have earn them money and employment. There are such related and none related areas of this kind that have been flying on the air but the truth is that the youths have not taken out their time to source for information that will be of good help to them. The day any unemployed youth will wake up and make use of the importance of information, the unemployment will go.

Information as a key to employment generation and solving unemployment challenge. The bag is filled with money and burst.
Information as a key to employment generation and solving unemployment challenge. The bag is filled with money and burst. | Source

The Information and Economic Growth

Why does the economy of some countries grow more than other ones? The answer hovers around information. That the president of United States of America has more leadership ideas on how to grow the country’s economy is because he has good information on leadership skills. If he lacks in the power of information when it comes to leadership, then the economy of the country will seriously be in mess.

The power of information in economic growth. Information promotes economic growth.
The power of information in economic growth. Information promotes economic growth. | Source

Information is both power and weapon. When you get the right one, you stand out from the crowd - Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P

On the other hand, the reason why some countries have better economy than others is because of the kind of advisers that surrounds the governing body or head of the state. Take for instance that the president of Canada has financial advisers who have no value and access to quality information. What it means is that the economy of the country will be seriously sinking to the bottom because the financial ministers and advisers do not welcome the power of information that will promote the economy of the country.

The Information and Academic Success

The level of success a student is likely to attain in his or her learning/study is dependent on the quality of information he or she has access to. Again, many students in tertiary institutions including polytechnics and universities perform poorly in their exams and even after school because their teachers/lecturers gave them weak information. But with good quality of information given to students through both theoretical and practical study, the students will perform great in their academic as well as after their academic lives in various tertiary institutions.

After lectures in lecture halls, some go extra miles to source of other textbooks to support what they have been taught. What do they search for through the textbooks? They were searching for nothing less than powerful information that will help them perform great at the end of the academic semester. Those who truly understand the important of information and the positive impact it can make in their academic results do not delay in searching and going for quality information.

The Power of Information a Technology

Technology is the product of information. Without information, there will be nothing like technology. The spoken words we speak are information. When two engineers that are working on new technological advancement do not speak, there will be no means through which they understand each other. Technology is a baby to information. To put it better, information is a mother to technology.

That China, Germany, and United States are advancing in technological idea is because they have the right information that made them to arrive to their findings. It is through information that knowledge comes. So, if they do not utilize the power of information, they will not advance in technology at all.


Take every valuable information that comes your way because that will go a long way in determining the level you are likely to see yourself tomorrow.Through information, the world was made; through information, America got independence from people that colonized them; through the right information, United States was able to make their country the best notwithstanding the mess-up made in the country by their colonial masters; through information, man is able to create a flying plant we call aircraft; through information, man connects with people all over the world by phone and internet; through information, we explore the whole world and make changes; and through information other things come. The power and the importance of information cannot be overemphasized. In fact, a detail write-up on the power and the importance of information cannot be contained in this world. This is just less than abstract on the power and importance of information. In summary, this topic is on the power and importance of information.

© 2015 Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P


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    • Uzochukwu Mike profile imageAUTHOR

      Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P 

      4 years ago from Oba

      Thanks Ezzly for commenting

    • ezzly profile image


      4 years ago

      Yes I agree information is a mother to technology !

    • Uzochukwu Mike profile imageAUTHOR

      Okwuagbala Uzochukwu Mike P 

      4 years ago from Oba

      Thanks kennyeast

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      4 years ago

      Good stuff


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