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The Revelation

Updated on November 4, 2012

I read this anecdote in newspaper

I love anecdotes. I find them as the best relax for the brain and the best method for education. I dreamt if I could hand my knowledge by anecdotes, but I couldn't invent any anecdote!

Some years ago I found this joke in newspaper. I had not any suspicion that it could change something in my brain. I read this great joke about true life and felt just sad...everything is said correctly, but it is said from another person...not from me...

smart Manager + smart Worker = good profit
smart Manager + stupid Worker = overtime
stupid Manager + smart Worker = great career opportunities
stupid Manager + stupid Worker = bankruptcy

After some months happened this - I rode a pushbike and suddenly in my head came a thought: "But there are all opportunities to pair anything and everything!" I nearly lost my balance, I was forgotten, how to break my pushbike. In the last moment I jumped of it to avoid falling in the ravine...

I was surprised, excited and happy! Of course, I can pair any items, people, characters, natural phenomena, animals...everything! I can write thousands and thousands anecdotes! WOW! And I started to do this. There is the result.

I am interested in politics, so I have one really good anecdote about it.

smart Ruler + smart Folk = democracy
smart Ruler + stupid Folk = dictatorship
stupid Ruler + smart Folk= revolution
stupid Ruler + stupid Folk = civil war

A very important person in our lives is the Doctor. I was happy to meet very good doctors, so I am alive and can tell you my oppinion.

smart Doctor + smart Patient = prophylaxis
smart Doctor + stupid Patient = a lot of wasted money
stupid Doctor + smart Patient = free extasy pills by prescription
stupid Doctor + stupid Patient = funeral

I love pets and movies about flora and fauna. There always is a good fun about them.

smart Man + smart Dog = lucky hunt
smart Man + stupid Dog = shcool of dogs
stupid Man + smart Dog = serial "Lassie"
stupid Man + stupid Dog = penalty

I very like to understand simple rules of Mother Nature an the Universe. Some people think that global warming is man made... I am not sure. One nomal volcanic eruption throws out more ash, dust and poison gas than all people made chimneys, cars, barbecues and wars together from the beginning. We can help us by very simple way - plant a Tree! Green leaves produce oxygen for our breathing and eat carbon dioxide. We can't stop volcanos, we can't stop sun's wind, but we can produce more oxygen. Just plant the Tree... and collect rubbish behind you, please :)

smart Sun + smart Atmosphere = Eden on Planet Earth
smart Sun + stupid Atmosphere + Green Peace makes trouble
stupid Sun + smart Atmosphere = Northern Lights
stupid Sun + stupid Atmosphere = Noah builds the Arch

Now I challenge you, my dear reader. Try to pair something. It is a wonderful exercise for the brain and I know, you have the best brain on Planet Earth!

Good Luck!


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    • ambertale profile image

      Aina Taurina 6 years ago from England (UK)

      Ah, dear Russell! You made me laugh, indeed! Thank you very much for your funny comment!

      I love many things in this world, no just and only snakes :)

      All the best wishes to you, Smoky and Bandit (pigeon with broken wing)

      Ah, and Happy Birthday to you, dear Russell!

      Take care, my friend!


    • profile image

      Russell R 6 years ago

      Dear Aina - I guess I won't be getting the be getting any anecdote for snake bites, or any other home remedies that I was expecting to find in your anecdotes. The imagery of the snake effected my mind into seeing antidote, instead of anecdote. - One who reads to quickly, utters non-sense! One who reads without comprehension, makes a fool of himself! Sadly, I am that person! I enjoyed your ANECDOTES and now I must go find this "stupid Doctor." I can comprehend some things. Not stupid, just a little slow when it comes to print. Instruction books just complicate things for me - I just do it!

      Peace & Love,

      Russell, Smoky and the Bandit (Bandage)

    • ambertale profile image

      Aina Taurina 6 years ago from England (UK)

      Thank you dear Johann! Of course, life is not so simple than in my anecdotes, but there are exposed some parts of life by funny way. They are written for good mood with a goal to allow people think about those things without unpleasant moralizing.

    • profile image

      johann krol 6 years ago

      Dear Aina ( ambertale ) Your anecdotes are wonderful and very interesting, and a pleasure to read. Although live is not that simple to my opinion as in your anecdotes, but still they make sense. Thanks for the challenge, but I am not a good thinker, although this is a great exercise for the brain. I love the anecdote with the doctor a lot, very funny as well. I am looking forward to read more of your anecdotes.