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The Ripple that moved the Forest Pt. II

Updated on August 29, 2011

      The lake stood still, the sun with it's intense rays shining brightly among the cloudy underwater atmosphere. The fish swayed side to side in a graceful motion through the brackish waters, the sounds of clicks and clanks heard from above as various marine life pursued their meals. "Why must they be so loud...?", a small fish said to his fellow companion, the vibrations emitting from his vocals nearly silent compared to the annoying hums of machines from the alien atmosphere just beyond their world. "I'm surprised it bothers you...", another fish responded, his brown scales dividing the waters as he swam by. "I'm just sick of it...we can't stop the evil gods above us...why do we have to swim here and not be able to intervene in their destructive ways...?", the small fish said with furious intentions, it's lidless eyes peering up into the sun drenched skies of their water filled atmosphere. The small fish took his moment of revengeful clarity as he took a quick, fin curving departure from the sun filled surface; the depths beginning to reveal nature's stone made city teeming with life, species of all sorts rummaging throughout, the small one took note of two snakes that had begun stabbing one another with their poison drenched jaws. "I would take a fin back if I were you...those creatures are hardened from this world's liquid weathering and the god's diseased world...", a shell bound creature said with a snap, his small leathery head pulling back into his cleaver brown and black guise, his small water grazing feet swirling his exterior fortress back into the depths of the massive murky world.

      As the independent fish pursued the luring cityscape surroundings, the sounds of music could be heard rippling through the light, fish driven current that flowed gently like a water highway. "I always loved riding this swim way...the water always seems to massage my sides as I'm pushed along...", the black fish said to himself, a slight smurk forming along his scaled mouth, his fin quickly taking yet another heavy right turn off of the water highway, the current acting as a wave that the fish vigorously tried to battle and with eventual succession. The city was loud with the noises of the various creatures swimming about, the fish watching intently as a school of minnows swam past, others watching the color of the water changing with the directions of the god's sun; verification that school had just been let out, the time around half a alligators jaw and so the day was almost over.

      It was apparent that the time had come for the small fish to quickly make his way to the elders place of residence, the black fishes mind focused on finding a way to stand up against the gods damaging presence. The elders home was a carved rock that resembled the shape of a snake, it's smooth corners and twisted shapes adding to the mysteriousness of this strange structure. "It's so dark...why would the elders want to live here...?", the fish said to himself as he glanced at the room, one half above him filled with the god's air, the lower section part of his world. The small one swam cautiously through the arched swim way into the chambers of the wise ones, his eyesight catching a glimpse of sunlight that poured through one of the holes in the stone roof, the water seemingly reflecting it's rays throughout the large room.  "What is your name little one...and what brings you here...?. a voice belched from around one of the stone pillars that naturally divided a section of the room.  " father told me I had an appointment with the elders...", serous said in fear of the remaining conversation and what it beheld.  " entire life has been dedicated to mediating about how to overcome these god's wisdom...until this day came...the day I was to finally turn you into a big fin...a wise one like me...", the voice said again, this time a frog appeared from around one of the pillars.  "I don't understand...a wise", serous said with uncertainty in his voice, the elder understanding his confused expression.  "Do you know how I came to be in this place of power...I had to lose my entire family...all my friends...gone to the evil god's plans for destruction of our cities and villages...", the elder said with a calmness that didnt seem to waiver regardless of the subject.  "How can you be so calm...doesn't that bother you that your family is can you let the gods do thi...:", Serous said but was cut short, a large object crashing through the watery shelter, encasing the two within a small section of crumbled debris.

      A blinding light emitted from the object, a god swinging open a section of the object and began to make his exit, red water began to fill the room as the superior being struggled for a few moments.  "The is coming from that thing...what is it...there's shards of something everywhere...our atmosphere is filling with some black and red substance...quick there's a hole over there...", Serous shouted to the the once calm elder, but to no avail as a rock had fell on his upper body, death almost instantly taking the once wise frog without remorse as the trembling grew in extremity.  Serous took this moment to swim for safety from the devastating event, a large flame exploding from a section of the object, pieces of shiny metal shredding the stone structure, the black fish jetting from his original trapped position to just outside the elders destroyed residence, taking a moment to look back to see the grand size of the object that had fallen from the god's world.  "Look...the gods have struck one of their own from their world...", a snake said in fear as it slid past slightly ungracefully through the water, the smell of fear growing rancid  from it's body.  The god laid there motionless now, his body floating silently with the lower body still strapped inside the object, his upper body leaking with red water into the murky waters that Serous called home.  As the young black fish watched, another flame erupted, Serous desperately trying to swim from the catastrophe that laid just behind him, a sudden flash of light burst through the depths, and a rumble unlike anything he had ever heard in his ten year life span.  "RUN!!!", multiple fish shouted and screamed as the masses scurried through the shaky waters, the rumble now suddenly quiet as a bright light suddenly appeared and with the revenge of a sea lion, suddenly blinded almost every organism that resided within the watery world; the explosion so strong it shattered every aspect of life from existence.

      "Uh...Oh...whe...who...what just all burns...?", Serous said, his mindset eearily relating symptoms of amnesia, the result of the shockwave that traveled so quickly through the waters.  A rock tumbled away as Serous pushed himself from the pile of heavy rocks that had trapped his scaled body, his lidless eyes taking note of the vast destruction in front of him, the sound of a horn heard blowing non-stop from the annialated machine as if put on repeat.  The city was destroyed, Serous looking up into the God's world just to see all his friends and family floating on the surface, a simple ray of light streamed from the surface and caught Serous's eye.  "You are to continue the survival of this world...your are the way...", a simple voice said from within the sun drips.  "The one...Me...Who are've killed everyone I know...", Serous said with threatening resolve.  "The god's tool of travel...a car has fallen from the heavens...a god's body...both lay in front of you to figure out it's workings...", the voice said once again.  "What are you talking about...Tell me who you are!?!", the tragically scarred black fish said with confinment but to no avail, the gentle voice never speaking another sound, the water began to settle.

To Be Continued


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