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The Ripple that moved the forest

Updated on October 30, 2011

"Why is the sky's rumbling so... the air doesn't feel right...", a frog said with uncertainty, it's slimy green skin roughly brushing against the lily pad as it floated along the black swamp reflections. "son, there is something very amiss here, and i think it would be in our best interest to think of living elsewhere...", a larger frog said with a deep belch, it's body heavily weighed down from the slimy excretions that have layered his body over the years. The skies cracked over again, the rumble now accompanied by heavier winds that almost took the breath from the two frogs, branches heard through the forest snapping and ripping apart like a lost maiden that had forgot her sanity long ago. "Look at the violent winds...the ancients don't want us to be here any longer...why are these mystical yet catastrophic events happening father...?:, the baby frog asked with sincere fear and absolute humbleness. "I don't kn...bellchhh...", the father said but was cut off as a ripple in the swamp waters swept him from the lily, the ice cold water engulfing his body in one quick motion. "Father...where are you father...someone help us...", the baby frog said in fright, the motions jerky and with spasms as the frog lept for safety, a rock in the distance on the side of the swamp the highest point in case of an emergency.

The ripples were met with reinforcement as a wall of water swept through the once peaceful swampland, destruction abound as the trees were ripped from their roots and used as ammunition for other obstacles. "Almost there...almost... I'm not going to make it...", that baby said with fear as he couldn't find his father anywhere, the ripples now waves almost two feet higher, the end almost near. The frog lept from the mangled lily pad, his small sticky feet barely touching a tree, it's mass having became wedged between the large rock and the raging water that flooded past a tree stump. "I made it...I made it!" the baby belched lightly with a sense of relief as he scurried for the highest point on the stone formation, the water slowly rising behind him.

The waves seemed almost fueled with revengeful terror, it's liquid teeth salivating with black caps amongst the rough waters as trees whipped past the stone rocks that used to tower the swamplands. "don't worry... you will be saved pure one...the ancients won't allow such an innocent death against the threads of time... you were meant to retell this catastrophic necessity...", a voice said among the whipping winds and leaves that roared past the small frog. "Who are you...why can't i see you...?" the baby frog asked loudly, his voice barely heard belching over the high winds and rising water. "I am only what you want me to bee... you need not worry about me... realize your are meant for great things...", the voice said again, the pitch almost too gentle and soft to understand. "You killed my father...I have no family to rely on...I hate what you've done...", the enraged baby said revengefully, his small heart filled with a hate that had no boundaries. "Do not let hate fill your being... remember that you are not the only species nor the only heart that seeks justifiable gratification... don't forget but learn to accept life as a challenge to the key to your soul...", the voice said sternly but with a passion of limitless possibilities.

"Why have you done this...?", the baby said with a dissatisfied tone, after a few minutes the mystical voice still not responding. "My home..all gone...", the disgruntled and confused amphibian said, his belching now nothing more than deformed sounds resembling whimpering. The water began to fall, the damage becoming clear as the lonely frog began to look around, the branches and trees that used to stand vertically now nothing than heaps of trash against the forest floor. "Where do I go from here...please answer me...", he asked in disbelief and shock at his entire species wiped from this now desolate land. "Hello...hello...", another frog said from under a splintered tree, the baby grog looking over to see a young, slick green back female grog limping towards h. "Are you ok...". the young frog asked in compassionate relief to the injured female frog. "I'll be ok... I can't believe what just entire family is gone...the black caps laced with imminent death took them from me...", the young frog said to the baby. "I family least someone is still alive...", the baby siad in relief to the knowledge that at least one other frog was alive. The sun began to creep above the tree live, the sounds of footsteps could be heard coming in the distance.

A few humans approached teh destroyed forest, a couple devices in their hands shining with some sort of light emitting from it. "Hello, my name is Will Scantly, your trusted news source in an uncertain we had some rough thunderstorms last night, and well a little flooding as well, nothing that will affect your drive to work...", one of the men said to the device, his other friends laughing at a few awkward hand movements he did while live recording. "Do you think they did this...?", the female frog said to the little one. "I don't know...I think we were mean't to be saved for a reason...", the baby frog said with a depressed face, wondering what will become of his race.


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