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The Scent of Spring

Updated on April 10, 2018

Season Greetings

When Spring comes, all the blocks ablaze

full of buzzing with anticipation of the first butterfly emerging.

Look! The Grass is turning green and the trees are getting leaves!

Life is about to happen and warm air is soon to be felt on the skin again.

Shit look, when Spring comes we stand outside waiting for the first gust of warm winds that brings ladybugs and dandelions.

We all wanna piece of that brightness, that hopeful rejoicing, BBQ pits being fired up and teeny-poppers tops being cut up.

And don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about…or maybe I’ll bring it home for you: the first fire hydrant being jacked by some kids who just wanna play in the beautiful springtime.

Yea, now you get it!!! You can damn near smell it if you close your eyes.

Imagine with me, Springtime when you are in your prime. Or at least what you think your prime was because now you living in Autumn wondering "What the Fuck Happened to Spring????"

What happened to happiness like it’s caught up in a whirlwind?

Fucked up your mind? Imagine mine when I opened my eyes and saw outside had lost its shine.

The trees still; no soft whispers between the branches, called wind.

Now, instead of watching the sunrise, you watch the clouds form, hoping for some kind of storm just to get a little rest in: who’s to say when Springtime will come again.

Days lasting forever and nights being so majestic, you run to the rooftops to gaze at the midnight blue.

Looking at the moon as if it’s touchable, but only in your dreams.

Because you living in Autumn remembering the Springtime breeze.

Doesn't it feel like Kool-Aid tastes its best when the sun is beaming on your chest?

Those few ice cubes, sweat, and condensation around your glass make your mama sick to her stomach.

"Get a paper towel and put up under it," she’d yell along with every other mother watching their offspring’s the Springtime ease.

Or do you remember hearing "you are either in or out AND SHUT MY DOOR."

You hear all that as soon as Spring is at your doorstep.

There ya’ll go smiling because that quick reference I made, forced you to remember that damn season again.

But don’t let me forget when your first crush turned into your Boo. Not because of happenstance, but due to some shit you threw. MAAAAN, yo head swole as hell, walking ‘round like "can’t nobody tell me shit."

Sneaking to talk on the phone, voice real low, 3am in the morning.

I’m sleepy, but I’m not sleep tho.

Man I remember those days.

Smiling just because your Boo answered the phone...hello.

And how embarrassing it was when your mom’s picked up talking bout "oh so this is what you've been doing.

Spring even sounds different outside.

You can tell everybody’s feelings by the beat in their ride.

Listen to the little feet hitting the pavement hard behind the sound of Pop Goes The Weasel.

Smiles seem bigger and everyone wants peace because ain't nobody got time to deal with no bullshit in the middle of this Springtime Heat.

Psst, did you feel that?

Open your eyes and see we are in the middle of Autumn and I just wanted you to feel my Springtime breeze.

But if I could get just one moment back, I would be sitting on top of the levee, eating 3lbs of Craw fish, watching the waves beat against the shore of the Pontchartrain.


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    • profile image

      heavenandearth 4 years ago

      Wow! You captured the emotion of our anticipation and yearning for the season of rebirth and creation beautifully, I can smell the rain soaked soil and see that Spring-Time Green.....

    • profile image

      Dedra 4 years ago

      I love this! i could see everything so clear and feel the emotion coming off the screen!