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The Secret Invasion (The God Chronicles Trilogy #1): Book Review

Updated on March 1, 2015


Secret Invasion is an intriguing story about Michael Williams, a physicist, and Angelina, an inter-dimensional being from the planet Tranquility. One of Angelina’s own-kind thinks he has become a deity and has come to take over humanity. In Tranquility, or the afterlife as she describes it, it is against the law to kill. This is why she needs Michael’s help to fight this war. Angelina and Michael must stop this new evil from wreaking havoc upon the world. If they do not, both Earth and Tranquility will fall into his clutches and plunge into chaos. Along with Angelina, he uses her powers, intelligence, deception, and modern day science to fight a war, but even without a head on fight there are still casualties. Some too close to home for both of them.

Front Cover

Book one of the series
Book one of the series | Source


Zimmer intertwines science-fiction and spiritual philosophy into his novel to implore his readers to think on a deeper level. “…everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die to go there…” (pg. 4) Zimmer focuses on engaging the reader into the action of the story, while having them understand the spiritual message that Tranquility and the inter-dimensional beings hold: “free will is the creator of one’s soul.” (pg. 12)

While there are a few inconsistencies or flawed logic I see in some explanations, such as the difference between conversions being converted back to normal life vs. journeying, Zimmer does an astounding job providing the insights of the logic and morality that goes into every decision made by those from Tranquility. Zimmer goes into abundant detail to describe the philosophies and astonishing powers learned once transported to this afterlife.

However, while Zimmer puts ample emphasis into the spiritual and fantasy details, he lacks much in environmental description. “The furniture was a mixture of the last hundred years, as were the rooms; some were furnished in the latest fashion, while others reflected eras gone by.” (pg. 66) This is just one of a few examples of where his vague surroundings push us out of the story. What rooms were furnished with old/modern furniture and what type? What eras did the other rooms reflect? 60’s with velvet curtains and an egg chair or 20’s with an elegant armoire and hope chest? Just a little more description would allow us to follow alongside the characters, but sometimes we seem to be watching from afar instead.


In spite of these few issues of description and detail, Zimmer has written a thrilling and elaborate story that encompasses the genres of science-fiction, spirituality, action, and romance. That is something rarely seen and many authors would not dare to even attempt. I believe the God Chronicles will develop into a wonderful and mind changing trilogy.

  • Rating 3.5 out of 5

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The Secret Invasion (The God Chronicles)

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