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The Shack - Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity

Updated on February 26, 2018
searched via - Google Images
searched via - Google Images

About the book - The Shack

After ages, here is book. And a Movie too. Which I found really awesome.

Story Synopsis -

We have age old question. All of us. It is easy when life is smooth, to remember GOD. To Love HIM. But when comes the question of evil. And a tragedy born out of evil, what then ?? How one goes on believing that HE exists. In face of such tragedy ??? No one has been capable of doing that. Not without GOD by our side.
This book is a journey to learn forgiveness on the face of biggest evil. And a journey is with GOD. As PAPA said -- "You can not do this without ME, by your side. We need to do this together."

Mack and Nan, parents of five kids. Two of whom had already flown nest. And the fifth one was a surprise when she arrived in their life. Now six years old, Missy is a lovely soul. And then comes the NIGHTMARE OF PARENTS. Missy is taken by a serial killer who kills young innocent girls. They find her blood soaked dress. Never her body. Though more then three years have passed Mack is still angry on GOD, Whom his wife calls as -- PAPA. And one day he receives a letter from someone who signed it as PAPA. An invitation to spend weekend in -- The Shack. Where Missy's dress was found. Mack, wishing it is really from GOD. But skeptical too, reaches there. And here comes his weekend with GOD. And a journey towards forgiveness.

Beautiful points of book -

There are all three of them -- THE HOLY TRINITY. But somehow writer managed to convey the spirituality behind their existence. I am specially in love with The Holy Spirit called Sarayu . Who is all colour, light, sound and also Creative Power. A creative part of GOD. And all three of them, breaks every notion or prejudices one may have about GOD. The writer manages to break the mold. And that is writer's biggest accomplishment.

And special scene for me is - when Sarayu, asks Mack, if she can touch his eyes. And then give him special vision. When he beholds the beauty of souls, that can be watched through special eye only. The colors of each soul, the vibrations and the song.

There were few places, where I was thinking -- Uh ! here comes the typical christian theory. But the writer surprised me !! By sticking closer to spirituality. When Jesus talks about His love for church. And Mack turned sarcastic.. I was also feeling -- uh, here we go... But then Jesus goes on to explain, what for Him is real church... The loving relations between beings. That is real church. It's not an institute or a building. It's a living relation between beings that celebrate His existence. That makes sense.

Two of my favorite quotes from the book....

1) PAPA - "I am not who you think I am Mackenzie. I don't need to punish people for sin. Sin is it's own punishment, devouring you from the inside. It's not my purpose to punish it; it's my joy to cure it".

2) PAPA- " When all you can see is your pain, perhaps then you loose sight of me "?

Yes, we do loose sight of God. And thereby our own Faith, when all we can see is our own pain. A reminder for everyone of us, going through difficult times.

Keep your eyes on me. Lovely song from the movie, based on this book.

© 2018 Roohi


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