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The Time Travelers A Short Story

Updated on June 29, 2016

They were on the top of the world, living high.
Glancing over the passenger seat, Joshua smiled, still preening to where Cassey sat. They were on a run -just the two of them, travelling out of the city to the light atmosphere of the countryside. What they were running from, neither of them thought of, because they were eighteen. They were young, beautiful and innocent.

The road seemed never-ending, but they didn't complain, content with the thought of togetherness. It was all silent smiles and gentle glances of Joshua to Cassey's brown eyes, accentuated by the soft strike of light under the million leaves of trees, until everything faded away, then darkness.

Joshua woke up after two days, eyes cracked open for a bit as the sudden light blinded him for a moment. "Cassey", he croaked. The nurse, realizing he already had awakened, said his friend was next to his room.

He did find her on the location his nurse had told him. He could only stare at those pale, limp hands, his eyes itching to see her smile, and tell him she was alright. He was still looking at her while the doctor told him about how it would be impossible for her to
recover, worst to survive.

Silent, cold tears fell as he felt his hands shake. It his entire fault. He clutched his heart, trying to ease the excruciating pain throbbing on his veins. He could up now, and accept the harsh fate.

But he just couldn't. Tiny sparkles of hope lie inside him, holding the faith everything would be perfectly fine again, just like before.

Then he wept like a little child after his only wish came true.
Years went by and everything slowly changed.
The mighty hopes they built together wavered many times, yet, they struggled through it all. The pain lingered at their shadows constantly reminding them of every fight they had been through. And most of all, no matter what changes happened, they were still the same, Joshua and Cassey, fools but in unison.

Puffing a small breath, he stood up from where he had sat, the sand sinking beneath his feet. He felt the warmth of the sun on his tan skin as he walked across the beach, looking to the shore, heart leaping at the familiar figure sitting on the wheelchair near the water.

He got closer and she turned around, her hair dancing beautifully with the wind. She smiled at him. She held out a hand and Joshua took it

"Let's run away," she whispered, voice so soft and quiet he almost missed it. Fitting her fingers to the spaces between his, she continued, "Just the two of us."

He noticed the way her striking brown eyes grew gentle and weary. He let out a deep breath, a sign of hushed withdrawal, as he gently brought her next to his heart. He was praying she could hear it chanting her name even after this would be over "To where? he asked.

She smiled tiredly, tightening her hold on his back."To somewhere just the two of
us know," she uttered as she clung desperately to the fabric of his shirt. Again, it was the same promise they had when they were sixteen

And he could only say yes.

The faint light of the sun was the only witness to last painful tug of her hands it broke loose and let go. And he couldn't hear the whistles of the air, and the comebacks of the waves anymore. The only thing he could hear was his own juddering heartbeat.


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    • littlebluefeather profile image

      JL Reyes 

      23 months ago from Saturns Rings

      its really nice :) I wonder where'd they go?

    • Longmire profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Thank you @Diego i'm glad you find it interesting but it is a standalone story. :)

    • Diego Esperante profile image

      Diego Esperante 

      2 years ago from Mexico

      Very nice. Were you planning on further developing this (more stories, branches) or is it a standalone story?


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