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The Tripoli Advance

Updated on August 22, 2011

We told you...gadhafi...old ruler of cruel pasts...that we wanted didn't listen...bullets whizzing past as I speak to you,

Daring Libyan citizens uprising by the thousands...we have fought...six months in the name of a new culture,

One of technology...freedom of expression and speech...the right to display religions other than your personal worship,

We want you to stand aside...something you refuse to it is that we must fight your crumbling army...they disband from you one by one each day.


Why do you continue to suppress us...NATO helps us...airstrikes with mechanical angels of hope that reign fire unto your political party,

Your son was captured...your family...why do you want your kind to end this way...your kin deep down feel the need to change...why not you,

The dogs eat the dead all throughout the streets...your soldiers need not meet this should just lay down your arms while the time is here,

We want peace...but we need your resignation...but you continue to fire mortar rounds into our, women, and children dying by the numbers...why such murderous ways.

There will be no white flag risen...we can not give up while you keep a tight hold on cultural Internet...they tell a different story,

One of world more cell phone hibernation...we want to tell the world we have made a difference...allowed freedoms to envelop the land,

Gadhafi...we will not give up in light of prominent victory...many of us may die...but we perish for a cause much greater than your dictatorship,

We have found a better way...the Americans wish for democracy...Russia wishes for socialistic collectives...we will find a balance of the two.

Here we come...moving our rebellion forth unto the outskirts of Tripoli...and we are outnumbered...but your men cause chaos within your own ranks,

Just give in to a prophesied fate...a destiny of eventual peace and prosperity...we will continue forth for our children to recognize glorious heritage,

One free of your violent...citizen shattering ways...and yes we will have to find a suitor to lead us...but he will be wise,

We have moved onto Tripoli...the stage is set...we will walk across the stage of grandeur world peace...and you will be tried in the likes of past evils...may the world have slight mercy upon you.


Do you think it was morally correct for Gadhafi to weigh violence to secure his reign?

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    • BakerRambles profile image

      BakerRambles 6 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      I completely agree, the rebels did take tripoli soon after I wrote this

    • profile image

      Sueswan 6 years ago

      This monster(gadafhi) has to be stopped.