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The True Power of Hope

Updated on May 17, 2013
The True Power of Hope
The True Power of Hope
Hope - the power of faith.
Hope - the power of faith. | Source

What does Hope really mean?

The True Power of Hope has long been described as having a personal feeling of expectation and desire, for a particular thing to happen. Yet the true power of hope must be far more than that, as so many throughout the world have taken the opportunity to embrace hope as a crucial part of their everyday lives.

It seems, that by taking total personal ownership of this intangible, personal feeling of expectation and desire, one can ensure that one’s wish for whatever the particular thing is, will actually more likely occur. Hope is of course, an unknown factor that we do generously attach to numerous life experiences, events, expectations and beliefs and thus, we are effectively spreading the 'risk' relating to our hopes not materializing. Surely the more we hope, over a wider selection of hopeful outcomes, the more likely it is, that we do focus more positively, on those desired outcomes eventuating and that point alone, I believe can change your life!

And it will change your life subtly and positively, if for no other reason than, the approach helps to create the potential of a positive attitude. Interestingly, when one has a positive attitude, one tends to rely less on intangible possibilities like hoping. Perhaps merely because having a positive attitude means, one has a greater confidence, focus and personal ability to act decisively and objectively, in such a way that ultimately, will achieve the desired result!

So that intangible power of hope, which we attach to what we really wish would be, or occur, or what could ultimately become our preferred outcome, actually has within it, the true power to change us positively and laterally. No wonder the True Power of Hope is supported so perfectly by our faith and fits so perfectly with what we wish for ourselves, our children, our friends, all those we love and also for those we don't. When considered from this perspective, hope in itself, starts and completes a full life circle, simply by the association we form with it in lives and own circle of life. Hope certainly is profound. 'The True Power of Hope', is the title of a unique, essential poem below, by the New Zealand poet, Pearldiver... Do Enjoy:

Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved.

With Hope - Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved.
With Hope - Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved. | Source

What Hope truly means to us..

Dreams like this - Need Hope.
Dreams like this - Need Hope. | Source
Dreams like this - Come True.
Dreams like this - Come True. | Source

‘The True Power of Hope’

When everything else has gone, no longer viable or intact

Once all the probabilities have been exhausted and there are, no more

All opportunities have run their course, or life seems far too hard, to carry on

Then we may still have in each other, faith, the flame that powers our hope

If we hope, we have some belief with which to move ahead, to mend, or to renew

And our faith is fed, beyond the presence of any tangible reason, for what has gone

With hope, there is possibility, a chance, perhaps, a moment to consider what if we do

Hope runs its course within the deepest caverns, of torment or of joy

It can be there within, as a final emotional push, giving us courage to face an end

Or when many give up, believing nothing positive can be found, to help them cope

And when we step tentatively, into unknown space, a little hope can be employed

Some live in hope that a miracle will occur, in their most needy hours, to fill their void

And even if they find out, that miracles don’t; then still they try, to keep their hopes alive

Hope is that loyal friend, driving us to climb golden towers, or to endure, or to survive

When we share our hopes with others, then often it can, help their hopes come true

And when they share their hopes with us, we often include them in what we do

The true power of hope, what do you hope for in your life and in what you aspire to be?

Hope is not so fleeting, when considering how it flirts and cajoles us, intentionally

When we share the true power of hope, with those we love, we create new possibilities

Regardless of who we are in this world, whether ninety nine, or only three

Within our respective life circles, we want to believe, in our hope and we hope, that our choices are free

Yet we all hope to embrace, the true power of hope -

In the hope, that every hope, we ever hope for, will be...

And our lives do gain, the power to see... ourselves, as truly happy.


* Words by Pearldiver *

Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved.

Hope Comes - Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved.
Hope Comes - Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Pearldiver Poetry with all rights reserved. | Source

The true power of your hope, comes from within...

Thank you for taking the time to read my words. I 'Hope' you enjoyed these poems here and if so, please feel free to let your friends know that hope really does exist when they least believe and when they most need it. Perhaps, one day all our hopes will ensure that we live in a happy environment, within a happy world and most importantly, are happy in ourselves, rather than loosing great portions of our lives pursuing our own lack of faith in ourselves and others. Enjoy your life and the people you share it with and you are half way there... take care.. Pearldiver

Copyright © 2012 - 2013 Pearldiver nzpol with all rights reserved.


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