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Life Circles: Poems of Hope: About Finding Love

Updated on May 26, 2013

Within each life circle a little hope exists.

Finding Love:

Life Circles: Poems of Hope: About Finding Love. Life circles by Pearldiver: Love, always moving forward from its source; we are that source. Of all the many things in our lives that are truly special; one of the most special things is finding love and sharing with another all the hope that the relationship brings. About finding love contains two poems of hope: First Love Valentine and Last Love.

Finding true love is not something all are fortunate enough to find in a lifetime. If you are lucky enough to find the love that touches your soul; you will know that nothing can ever match the experience. Some call this having a soul mate, others see this as far more. The duration of that love varies for each relationship; each relationship completes a full circle in life; irrespective of whether it lasts the duration of a lifetime, a year, or a dream.

First Love Valentine; to know of love so young; allows the seeds of hope for greater things to be sown. For each young girl this is an adventurous journey of her heart. For most young boys it is just an adventure. Where does the confidence required to capture the heart of a Valentine come from? Does he understand what it really means to her? Her hopes are of time spent together; just being; without the influence of others. His hopes are of having the confidence to let her know how he feels; without being rejected.

Last Love; is about having known the power of love and knowing that the wonderment of that love, can last a lifetime; even the lifetime beyond the end of the relationship. A tangible sense of being and intuitive knowledge that the spiritual connection shared with your lover; means that no matter what; you never walk alone. Enjoy Finding Love, Life and Poems of Hope.

Be My Valentine.

"Why is he sooooo shy?"

First Love Valentine.

Just one week before Valentine’s Day. All her friends knew who would be her Valentine. There was only one boy in her life. He lived next door and everyone had noticed how much he wished that she would notice him.

But he was so shy, so awkward. How could he tell her how he felt? He was sure she would choose another; she was so popular. He looked away and wished that he could catch her eyes, not looking away from him.

Her girl friends smiled at him, but gave nothing away. His friends were boys; they didn’t do that girl stuff; why would they find a girl more interesting than BMX, or Skateboards, or PlayStation or Football? Not many more days left he thought; stolen glances; each day hoping that she would notice how much he cared.

First Love; started this way, always he hoped; that no words needed to be spoken; fearing he would not find the right ones. Always she hoped that he would find the courage to ask her to be; his first love. Why is he soooo shy, she asked herself; always hoping he would be; her first love.

"Kiss First Valentine!"

Why do you like him?

“Tell me why you like him?” asked her Mum. “Because he is nice and my friend,” she replied. “So did you get her a present?” asked his Dad. “No Dad, she is just my friend,” he replied. “Well, I just happen to have got you chocolates, for doing your chores; but you must only give them to your Valentine,” said his Dad.

Today a special day dawned when he opened the door to find his first love there, with chocolates in a heart. “You can be my Valentine if you like chocolates.” She said, as she pushed her heart into his hands. “But I have to give you a present too!” He said. “No you don’t silly; you can just give me a kiss.” “But, but I have a present for you too,” he said, “I will get it from inside.” As he tried to turn away she held him and said, “Kiss First Valentine!”

First Love, not even chocolate can upstage the taste it leaves when it enters and conditions our lives.

© Copyright 2009 - 2013 By Pearldiver with all rights reserved.


First Love

Shadows form across her face.

Once so familiar. A prisoner of zebra tones and now ransomed heart.
Once so familiar. A prisoner of zebra tones and now ransomed heart.

Be guided by your heart.

Was I to follow?  To abandon other dreams?
Was I to follow? To abandon other dreams?

Like a sun's love of the moon.

Detached; but for brief encounters at dusk or dawn.
Detached; but for brief encounters at dusk or dawn.

The Creative Anticipation of Meeting a New Love.

A powerful half tone word is Hope; yet it provides all the colors of all your dreams.    And Dreams? Just take paper and a pen....
A powerful half tone word is Hope; yet it provides all the colors of all your dreams. And Dreams? Just take paper and a pen....

Last Love.

Shadows form across a face, that was once so familiar;

The fading light has captured her brown, smiling eyes

A prisoner to zebra tones and now with ransomed heart

Night falls and I wait; forever wait; for yet another sunrise.


She is gone. Leaving me with such heightened senses

A last love passed through my life; never meant to stay

Where is my soul; where is my heart; gone, my clarity

Surely not lost; nor casualties to; shadows merging into day.


I missed all that I did not keep; yet am fulfilled in every way

But for the echo of cryptic words; be guided by your heart

What did she mean; was I to follow; to abandon other dreams

Let go of what I knew; to seek all that I did not; or to be apart.


My last love could draw the tide to her; moon phases; her beauty

She asked that I believe in hope; a bottled emotion; a word in half tone

In dreams more real; I see her eyes; hear her songs; never forget

How; with such ransomed time; I can never truly walk this life; alone.


My last love was like that of the sun’s love of the moon; detached

But for brief encounters; at dusk or dawn; destined to be that way

There was no time for why; no room for hope, to color or influence

This circle of life; where moonlit darkness, will always follow a day


Night’s shadows form across my face; new love is not so familiar

Anticipation of the words yet to shine; life stories of hope yet to tell

Only now do I understand what it means to be guided by your heart

And for my last love; never meant to stay; I feel always; moonlight’s spell.


© Copyright 2009 - 2013 By Pearldiver with all rights reserved.

Thank you for reading Life Circles - Finding Love. Can you follow your heart? Not many can, it means complete surrender.  Take Care.  * Pearldiver.*
Thank you for reading Life Circles - Finding Love. Can you follow your heart? Not many can, it means complete surrender. Take Care. * Pearldiver.*

I hope you find love one day.

If you haven't found true love in your life yet; then don't give up hope. Love will always come to you when you least expect it to. Believe in yourself and be true to your soul. When that true love finds you; you will know that it is like no other. Enjoy the love that finds you. Thank you for reading this Poem of Hope: About Finding Love from the Life Circles series. You may read other Life Circle works simply by clicking on the links below.

More Works from Pearldiver.

ai - Love.
ai - Love.

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