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The Unknown Painter:

Updated on November 14, 2011

He smile as he painted the beautiful image of her body,

Upon the canvas,

He waited patiently for her to relax,

It was like watching a baby taking her nap.

She kept repeating the same old verse,

"Are you done yet?'

Not yet! this is my first still life lesson

And its turning out to be a success.

Shelly took his breath away,

Her long golden hair shine,

In the sunlight, like a bream

Her beautiful body on canvas,

Was an original piece of Art?

Could this be his Masterpiece?"

His strokes transform magic,

Yet he wasn't performing any tricks,

His fingers felt like they was being control

By an unknown, as her image surfaces,

He stood there and groan

His artistic abilities was living up to his name,

Hopefully one day, it would be more than than

Just his name this masterpiece should bring him fame

As he stroked the brush,

Romeo's mind was on lust

Oh! gosh,

An artist at work, can't be diverged into

any direction, theirs mind must stay focus

he must remain calm and take control

to created just beautiful art

of a woman's body without all

the artistocracy titles,

who were only worthy

of such art.

so Romeo strive for the best

to be a perfectionist at his crave

he must let the feet run,

but his mind must need not

Nature must enhances her beauty

to the eye of every man.

was his theme today.

by truth be his art.

A man is only half himself

the other half is his expression...quote.



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