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The Unmasking of the GOP

Updated on February 22, 2019
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Before retiring, Jack worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


As a conservative, and being consistent, I am following my article on the unmasking of the Progressive Democrats, with this article. A comparable story on the political right of the Grand Old Party.

- Feb. 2019

The List...

The election of Trump, as an outsider, and an independent, has created turmoil not only on the left, but also on the ruling elite in the political right. It also unmasked the good old boys network that has been in control of DC for a long time. Election after election, it seems no matter who wins, we are saddled with the same old policies and the same old leaders and the same old failures. Nothing is getting accomplished. Now, we know why. Those in power, like it that way. They are both part of the same elite group of individuals. They go to the same parties, have the same friends in high places, and receive donations to their campaigns from the same group of donors.

They are exposed for the lying crooks they are. We have Trump to thank for it.

Here is the long list...

  • immigration
  • spending
  • debt
  • taxes
  • healthcare
  • trade
  • jobs
  • corruption

The Immigration Crisis

Trump is the only one talking about this. The GOP wants nothing to do with the wall, even though they voted for it again and again. It is sad to think they want the borders to be open so they can get cheap labor to exploit.

They are also clueless to the insidious nature of a broken immigration policy. It is Congress’s job to fix this and yet, year after year, they keep kicking the can down the road.

Here is the latest from the upcoming census.

Details...Spending and Debt

The party of fiscal responsibility is worst than Democrats. They talk a good game but spends just as much. At least Democrats are honest about spending. They want all these big programs and they want to tax the rich to pay for them. Republicans tells us they want to limit government and reduce taxes but they spend just as much on the same and other stuff. They will spend on the military and on infrastructure to build bridges to no where. They will suppot subsidies for various industries... They say one thing but does something opposite.

We were told Paul Ryan is the guy who knows budgets and numbers. He ended up as Speaker of rhe House and over saw the biggest deficits in our country’s history. I am glad he never made it to the VP slot. He presided over several of Trump’s failures. Failed to repeal ACA. Failed to fund the wall. Failed to pass term limits. Failed to pass a balanced budget.


Yes, they passed a major tax reform package at the urging of Trump. Yet, they retain many of the loop holes and special credits given to farms, the green energy, and other special interest groups. This is at the expense of the American public.


For years, they told us they will repeal ACA. When the chance finally came in 2016, they balked. It took a dying John McCain to pass the last vote to stop the repeal. He is so dishonest. He died a broken man. He sacrificed for his country during the Vietnam war but while serving in the Senate, he was wrong on almost every issue. Known as the maverick, he voted against his party on numerous occasions. He was one of Trump’s biggest detractors. Now we know why.

Trade...and Jobs

The GOP is known for the party of business. Yet, it sides with special interests against the american people every chance it gets. Our Trade bills have been one sides for years. We allow other nations to take advantage of us. In the process, we loose our intellectual property, and jobs. Yet, these Congress continue to push for H1B visa and bring in more foreigners to replace American workers. Why?


We learned that Congress has a slush fund. They use this to pay off people accusing their members of sexual misconduct. This double standard is why Congress approval rating is at its lowest. It is also the reason Trump was elected. He is the only one willing to drain the swamp. We have a do nothing Congress. It is time for a new Amendment to the Constitution and institute term limits for Congress. 6 years for House of Representstive, and 12 years for Senators. This would reduce corruption by our elected officials. But, they have to initiate and pass the Amendment to the Constitution. No chance that happening anytime soon.


The left under Obama have corrupted many of our government agencies. He has up rooted our government in trying to change America. In the 8 years of his administration, the people voted and rejected the direction he was taking. Now, after 2 years of the Trump administration, we discover the right, under GOP leadership, is no better. They have obstructed any attempt to fix the problem in DC. This swamp includes many Democrats and Republicans and career administrators. It seems we are seeing it play out daily in our government. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

As a conservative, I am glad for Trump. Even though he is not a conservative, by any stretch of the imagination, he has accomplished more than any conservative could have. He has a knack for getting under their skin...and causing TDS. This applies to many democrats but to some republicans as well. People like senator Jeff Flake and Bob Corker...who left their offices by choosing to not run again. Good for the people. IMHO.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jack Lee


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