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The Wishing Well: Part IV

Updated on November 15, 2011

The Wishing Well: Part IV

As Max stood in the Admiral’s foyer he received a call from Olivia. She explained that there was no disease at all in the jumper but she had found an artifact amongst his possession. She wasn’t quite certain how to describe it but as two intersecting lines.

“Interesting,” Max replied. “and the blood, tissues and spinal fluid samples we took in the village?”

“All within normal limits.” Olivia answered very clinically.

Unnaturally concerned for her health and well being Max urged Olivia to get some sleep. He was worried what she witnessed in the Tavern and that it had woken something inside her.

The cheerful domestic led Max to the Admiral’s den. Max handed the Admiral the report. “Completely contained and all The Villagers received an enhanced Wishing Well Therapy. It is over.” Max sat down in the chair in front of the Admiral’s desk.

“What went wrong?” the Admiral asked.

Max shrugged. “Well one person had brain cancer and his behavior spread into the populous around him.”.

The Admiral was in his safe going after the scotch as Max was the only person he could partake with and he never liked to drink alone. “Do I even need to ask?” The Admiral was referring to the Scotch and then he continued. “How bad?”.

Again Max was frank, “I told you it is contained. Although I must admit it was quite a strain on Olivia. She is starting to wake. And I am having reservations. When I was in that tavern and she kissed me it was like the old days.”

“She kissed you?” The Admiral almost dropped the Scotch bottle.

Max dismissed him. “I’m certain it was only to further her pursuit of Scientific knowledge.”

The Admiral laughed a hardy contagious laugh which made Max laugh as well. “I bet. I always kissed women for scientific knowledge.”

Max was a bit frustrated because Olivia’s awakening to her senses was more than he was prepared to handle. It had been so long since he had to deal with a brilliant woman’s emotions. “But really Admiral do you think we did the world a favor making everyone serene automatons?”

“YES! And before you go down this road on more time with me, might I remind you that unanimously the human subjects committee agreed.”

“They just can’t remember they did.” Max retorted.

“Lucky bastards!” The Admiral snapped with glee. He handed Max a cup with two fingers of Scotch. He looked at it and then Max and surmising more Scotch was needed. He took the glass and poured two more fingers and handed it back to him. “Bottoms up for the pain.”.

“Did you know The Wishing Well Project was initially slotted as a National Security priority but then when we realized that we could maintain the country by making our people serene there became no more need for wars. We have world peace because of The Wishing Well Project.” The Admiral proudly stated.

Max was a little uncomfortable with the unintended benefits of The Wishing Well Project. “But...” Max interrupted.

“They live longer happier lives what else could they want?” The Admiral chimed in.

Max shrugged his shoulders and thought for a moment, “Individuality and hope perhaps?”. Max walked over to the painting which he has seen the first night he was in the study. “Why is this still here?”.

The Admiral got up and walked over to Max and looked at the painting. “I don’t know because my wife likes it. I am still trying to figure it out. What do you think it is?”

Change subjects for a moment. “Did we get the research funds?”

The Admiral laughed. “Of course and it was painless for them.”

Max continued looking at the painting and then answered bewildered. “I think it is a door.”.

“To what?”

Concerned Max answered, “That is a very good question.”.

The Admiral was grateful and relieved. “Thank God you know what it is at least because my wife came home with three more of these things.”

“What?” Max shocked. He reached in his pocket and took out his camera phone and took a digital image of the painting. “Can you show them to me?”

“Happily, if you can tell me what they mean.”

Disappointed Max answered, “It means it is not over.”.

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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 6 years ago from Florida

      Hello Shadesbreath,

      Yes the artist with their vices are always the trouble makers.

      Thanks for reading. I am following you now s well. I hope to learn a lot from your writing.


    • Shadesbreath profile image

      Shadesbreath 6 years ago from California

      Hah! It's always the artists stirring up trouble.