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The World of Undiscovered Poets: Christina Scribner

Updated on June 7, 2013

The world of Hip-Hop has influenced every facet of the art world including poetry. The poetry world has seen great poets such as Homer and Shakespeare, but after so many centuries, no matter how great you are, there will always be a need for a new voice to keep an art form alive. Poetry has gone from the likes of Homer to new poets such as Tupac Shakur and other Hip Hop artist. Hip Hop is the new age of poetry, and it has inspired many generations of poets, including the you poetess I would like to introduce you all to today.

Christina Scribner

Think back to the first moment when you realized that the songs you sang as a kid were more than just music and words. You were listening to the radio, listening to your favorite singer sing, and you realized that these words you were singing along to had a deeper meaning. Christina Scribner was introduced to poetry in much the same way. For Christina, the singer was Brandy, and Christina was 6 years old when she realized that the songs made her feel something emotionally. This epiphany would inspire Christina to start writing down her emotions on paper, and her thoughts were the beginning to her journey of discovering poetry. As Christina Scribner grew older the new inspiration in her life was Eminem, Tupac, and other rap artist. Their gift for lyrical rhymes would lead her to write her own rap songs, and Christina learned she found a new love in lyrical poetry.

Christina Scribner's poetry is raw emotion combined with a gift for words. The first time I read her poetry, I felt like she was writing my pain down for the world to see, and I was moved to tears. Her poetry tells the story of a young woman who has experienced a lot in her lifetime, and is not afraid to display her emotions for the world to see. Here is an example of this talented woman's work:

6 FEET UNDERGROUND by Christina Scribner

Six feet into the cold ground.
Six feet under concrete.
Six feet beneath the surface.
I never got to learn anything about my purpose.
You put me six feet into the cold ground.
You dug me six feet under the concrete.

Who told you that it wasn't too late,
too late to apologize to me?
Who told you that it was cool
to lay flowers on top of me?
Who said that you were right,
when you were really wrong?
Tell that fool to kill himself
because I was weak, when you were strong.

Who told you to scream at me
to make me feel stupid?
Who told you to take my heart,
to make me regret
giving it?
Who told you that love could see
with 20/20 vision?
Love has always been blind.
I couldn't see the wrong when
I looked into your eyes.
I blame love for putting me here.
I need you to tell me,
who told you that it would be sweet
to lie and say you needed me?

Who told you that torture was passion?
Who said that your woman didn't need compassion?
Why didn't you listen when I said you were hurting me?
You could've eased up, but you wouldn't let go of me.
I struggled to break loose, but that just put a bruise on me.
A bruise on top of another bruise.
At what point do you think pain became love to me?
I cried and I cried.
At what point do you think sadness became joy to me?
You told lies to cover up lies.
I became numb somewhere between 1 and 2 thousand.
You froze my heart and killed my emotions.

Six feet under the cold ground.
Six feet under concrete.
Beautiful. I am far from that,
but I know what I used to be.

Six feet under the cold ground and you
want to lay flowers on top of me?
You want to weep now and apologize to me?
Who told you it wasn't too late for that?
Tell that fool to go hang himself.
Better yet, point him out to me.

Who told you that love could see with 20/20 vision?
Love has always been blind,
just as karma has always been a bitch.
I suggest you keep your eyes open wide
because when you feel it
I want you to see exactly what pain is.

Pain is love, you taught me that.
Now where is your new girl?
I want to teach you a lesson.

Six feet underground.
Six feet under concrete.
Six feet into the cold ground.
She will never finish on top of me.

The emotions in this poem speak for themselves. Christina Scribner has a unique talent to transfer another persons experience and make you feel those emotions yourself. This talented poet's other work can be found on Hub Pages and if you would like to discover her poetry for yourself, visit the link below:


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