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The fragments of an interview 2

Updated on November 26, 2011

Hello, Mister. How are you today?

How convivial of you to wish me on this wonderful morning. Yes, I am very fine, as fine as the scrupulous homework teachers mark, as fine as the sun radiating, permeating every matter on Earth. Thank you.

Now that is a good way of describing. What are you busy with lately?

My life have been quite stultifying. Now and then I am succumbed with a grueling headache. Can you imagine that? I am embroiled in so many problems when I am reading the newspapers; when I am simply sitting down my chair at home to spend my idle time away. I don't have a robust health to study any longer. I might as well get a fruitful job out there.

I am sorry that your headaches preclude you from studying. But what are you studying anyway?

I am studying anything; the bulk of the information I study comes from books borrowed from the library. I am a patron of the library, and I am never a carefree lummox who goes gallivanting about and spending money extravagantly. I am a thrifty person, and that is why I never buy a novel or a non-fiction book from any bookstore. Look at that prices, that staggering prices! How can I afford my sustenance when I bought those expensive books? I would have starved to death and you would not see me for an interview now. It is as if those books were medicines, remedies for any type of ailment and illness; or papers made of gold, like those of Olympic medals and priceless gems. I am a bibliophile; I would always come back home with at least fifteen books in my bag from the library. I read almost every subject under the sun: from anthropology to classics, and from philosophy to religion. I love to indulge myself in this pleasure, the pleasure of sheer reading and understanding, the pleasure to nurture my empty soul.

I have hardly seen a person with a disposition just like yours. Clearly, you have read many books and have gleaned a lot of knowledge more than that your peers could. That is really exemplary. Earlier, you complained that you had a headache whenever you read. Does that condition impede your reading?

Of course it does. It is tantamount to having an involuntary headache in the middle of an important exam. Now that is something people detest really much. I didn't dare to seek medical advice; many doctors work for the sake of lucre. They often give medicines flippantly as if they are just palliative sweets for children. What is worse is that I need to pay so much for all that gimcracks. I have been battling with these headaches for decades, but to no avail. One of the ways to cure them is to take a rest before continuing with my study.

Why are you studying now? Aren't you finding a job?

Excuse me. I thought you are helping me to find job opportunities. That is your duty, isn't it? Why are you so sardonic by the way? I study because I need to upgrade my knowledge. Moreover, before that downsizing I simply had no time to read up on books, which is my passion.

Yes, yes. I am a middleman. But you got to find a job yourself.


There are no jobs for people who love to read books, even if you have so much knowledge.


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