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The hidden dragon's mountain

Updated on February 11, 2020


The hidden dragon's mountain

The hidden dragon's mountain

By Esa Myllylä

Today, far call at the Pacific, there's an island. That island isn't that big but there are secrets that nobody knows about. therein island there's a special orchid that blooms just one day a year and the flower withers when it becomes night. The orchid is so beautiful and has such beautiful colors. it is a little unique because it doesn't have a special color. Because when the sun shines thereon, it changes to all or any colors found on this earth. therein island there are hops, wasps, spiders, ants and tons other insects that want the special orchid's nectar. it's so special that once you drink it then automatically transforms it into the simplest honey during this world. Far up within the highest peak on a mountain, the dragons are waiting to party on the golden honey. They sleep in a cave that goes far into the mountain and that they only begin once a year and this is often the day the orchid blooms. These dragons haven't been found by a living person and there's a reason for this. The dragons are only on this deserted island and that they are small as wasps and hops. they are available out once a year which is to rearrange food to all the thousand dragons that are inside that mountain for a year to return. They love this flower and wants all flowers for themselves. they're just expecting that day. The day has come and it's morning and many thousands of orchids are opening to point out how beautiful they're and therefore the dragon queen stands and appears in the least the great orchids. She orders everyone to travel out and retrieve the precious honey. Out comes the yellow dragons, they have a saw on their beak that they use to chop off the flower and therefore the red dragons which may be a little bigger and stronger than the others. they need big feet with big claws in order that they can Grab the highest of the flower and fly away with all the honey that's in it. And not least the black soldier dragons with red eyes, split tongues with long tail and that they can spray fire. The soldiers immediately attack all insects like hops and wasps. Proud up sitting The Queen sees how the insects subside burning on the ground and calculates that they will soon take all the flowers for themselves. Suddenly she sees with her big eyes, a hummingbird that goes from flower to flower quickly and empties hundreds of flowers in no time. She orders all the soldiers to attack the hummingbird. they need a tough time hang with the hummingbird because it moves in no time and may move in no time. But after one hour of struggle, the hummingbird falls into the bottom burning and rolls into the ocean. The queen breathes out and again she smiles again. The queen smiles and time goes on and no more Incidents happen and night comes. All dragons bring a flower into the cave. The shipping it far down into the underground where they store all the food for the entire year. The dragons are happy and saturate. The Queen is so glad not one dragon died this year. They eat full and go and asleep. the times pass and that they await next year. Far call at the ocean, an oil vessel is approaching and there are large winds, large water waves and therefore the big boat is approaching Dragons Island. Just 100 meters outside the island, the oil vessel crashes into a reef and every one the oil from the boat is leaking. bent the island. Unconscious of this disaster continues the dragons eating and do not care what happens out there. they're expecting subsequent one harvest. the times pass and therefore the day until the day the orchids flower flowers come. The queen goes out from the cave to seem at the flowers but she doesn't see one flower, not even grass. Everything is black with greasy oil. She screams out and panics. Out coming everyone and sees how black the entire island is and that they don't think this is often true. The Queen calms down soon and knows that she cannot show such feelings to the others. She goes in again and walking back and forth. After an hour she gets a thought and orders everyone that they need to follow her to seek out a replacement island. they carry all the honey they need and flies north. They fly for hours and that they get tired. Some birds come and take some loafers. The Queen looks around and orders everyone to fly as fast as they will. Finally, the Queen sees an island a touch further away and every one the opposite dragons are happy. The soldier dragons take the lead and inspect the island, and return to the queen. It is safe to land on the island and that they see a peak where they land. The soldiers fly around the island, but they will find no orchid in the least on this island. But there are other flowers such as violins, tulips and more. Also, there are apple trees, pear trees et al. fruit trees. All dragons attack and burn all wasps, bumps and ants. they begin work on cutting the flowers and that they have found a hole where they take the flowers. They spray fire on the flowers in order that the nectar becomes like burnt sugar. the times pass and therefore the Queen see how the flowers don't wither and see how wasps drink from them and new flowers emerge up all the time. The queen looks around and concludes that they will 't take the flowers but they can eat out of them directly. Same with the angiospermous tree, they will eat the nectar from the flowers. But suddenly looks she something she hasn't seen during a thousand years. Sugarcane on the rear of the mountain many them. She screams out of joy and shows what sugar cane is. They cut a cane and take it down. The queen opens it within the middle and fires it and therefore the other dragons know how burnt sugar spreads within the area and therefore the queen is that the first to taste it also smiles. The others munch on the burnt sugar quickly and that they are so saturated. They find one new cave for cover far better than the opposite. But the Queen tells everyone. Here we've to figure for food a day but we will survive this island. Time passes and they see things they haven't seen before. Fruit on the trees like apples and pears. They eat them but now they're friends with all insects and are a peaceful dragon clan.

© 2020 Esa Myllylä


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