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The imagination of ideas

Updated on July 21, 2012


Knowledge is like a slip knot with our mind caught between it. To release our minds into consciousness we must know which end of the slip knot represent enlightenment, for puling the wrong end of the knot can leads us to pure ignorance. We live at a time where access to knowledge can be acquired via the Internet, and yet when we look around us we noticed that there are many of us who are pure ignorant. Although it is reasonable to admit that all of us are ignorant, it's not possible to accept that all of us are pure ignorant. Where being pure ignorant is a concept of unwilling to learn or accept fault. Being ignorant on the other hand simply brings to attention what we do not know about. So in a sense, we are all ignorant of what we know nothing about, and pure ignorant when we have demonstrated our inability to accept our faults when proven wrong. Now, to get back to the slip knot analogy, it appear to me that many of us have been pulling the wrong end of the slip knot and by doing so, we have become pure ignorant because the knowledge we have accessed via the Internet has strengthen the knot that caught our minds as oppose to the one which releases it.

Within the consciousness of every person a shining star was placed by some unknown power for the purpose of illuminating their thoughts. But layers of traditional beliefs slowly covered the star until it was completely buried. Through the years, a few unique individuals using spades of outreaching thought to resurrect the star which then gradually uncovered it. As soon as it was free it started to fulfill its purpose by illuminating the consciousness of the individual. The blending of the light of the star with the outreaching thought caused a mutation in consciousness resulting in an evolutionary process and the man of the future was born. I think of the consciousness of each person as being a gold mind and in order to get this gold, you must dig very deep. You must not be discouraged if at first you don't find any but if you continue to dig, you will eventually come to it. And because you have found it, this will enable you to acquire everything that you need. You will then be spiritually and materially rich.

The fire of erroneous thinking is sweeping the world, looking for the tinder in human thought to ignite it. Once the ignition starts it will spread to other tinder like areas, and if the blaze is not caught in time it will engulf the world. Many majestic creations of thought will be destroyed. Let each one of us be a fireman of mental concern, and be prepared with our extinguisher to put out any fire before it spreads.

While extending my hand to receive a helping hand of knowledge, I try to elevate my thoughts to a higher level so that I can pass that knowledge to others who are in need of this elevation. We are truly a chain of individual thoughts that comprised many ideas. What separates us from each other is hate or fear. People who possess ether of these characteristic in their mind automatically encloses themselves in a mental prison; and the only way to dissolve these prison bars is through love. Only love can set them free. Many people may try other methods, but until they learn that love for yourself and your fellow human beings are the only right solution, they will never be free.


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