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They Rocked My World

Updated on January 25, 2019

My Family

1. There was nothing that showed
they had to love me they way they did
I was one who inspired nothing but a cold
yet they pesevered to plant a great seed
Their love heped me out of life's quagmire
They are the family of Victoria Nya.

2. Mummy Vic is a giver - nothing short of a Diva
She made my day more than once - can't really pay her
When I needed a mum, I didn't need to look far
For such a mum, none could find dearer.
Ever young -length of days is my prayer
May she be there to carry my little daughter
Of course none could wish for a mum better.
I stopped looking when I found Mummy Nya.

3. She's a beauty to behold; her name is Rekia
Everything good in her came from her mother
Never seen her pompous - but none could be prouder
Than me for having her as a sister.
Guys, take a look at this damsel - brother!
She doesn't even need to shake what mama gave her
A treasure indeed I have come to admire
and her name (oh! So beautiful!) is Rekia.

4. He was my classmate - he set the ball rolling
We were like uncommon twins - he had a better following
I was more like the sidekick but that was just my feeling
'cos he gave the word "brother" a whole new meaning.
A guru with computers, a designer with competence
Seemed to treat girls with a special kind of reverence
Not a gentleman, mind you, just polite and honest
with a side-kick (me) who was really no contest.
All hail my Bros, (Oga, stand up please)
His name, believe me, is Nya Louis.

5. She basically threw me off my feet
Each time she smile and showed her pretty teeth
Couldn't summon the courage to have a go
'cos for someone her class, all I expected was NO!
But she was nothing but wonderful company
Gave me many a reason to smile properly
When she got married, she left a broken-hearted greenhorn
She's still my friend, though, her name's Sharon.

6. A native doctor she turned out to be
This beauty that learnt French so quickly
Used to practice on me - the all round ninny
But we got by - oh! so beautifully
She made a good thing out of nothing
Always was resourcefully daunting
Could win a contest - anytime, any day
Always ahead of her peers - never lacked what to say
A Modern Native Doctor of her Era
All hail the vivacious Kerah.

7. She was the baby of the house - looked like a teddy
Now grown into a pretty lady (still so cuddly)
Expressive eyes and girl of few words
None could imagine how strong were the cords
Mother and daughter bonded so beautifully
Over and over, it was a joy to see
Ufaan may not really be the finished article
But to all of us, She is more than a Miracle.

8. I could go on all day, you know
Love is a seed I really know how to sow
They taught me well, never took me as odd -
This dear family that really rocked my world!


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