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They're Coming to Take Me Away

Updated on September 11, 2020

Sleeping With Socks On

I wasn't expecting the day before "the big day" to be so hard to face. A few minutes ago I was in bed considering the possibility of just running away from home today. I couldn't take a car, because the wedding preparation plans include both cars, and I wouldn't want to disrupt the plans. I'd have to actually "run" away. That doesn't sound too good. I don't care for running... I don't care for running at all.

The day before my second daughter's wedding in August last year, I along with Mrs. Smith, the youngest Miss Smith and the man who will marry her tomorrow caravanned wedding supplies and flowers down I-15 to San Diego. We worked feverishly for two days to make the beach wedding on Coronado and the reception on the mainland memorable for the couple and the family, friends and spectators who came out. It was exhausting... Important tip- If you have a complicated wedding, make sure you can afford service. Don't try to do it yourself. If you can't afford help, scale back. We servers (aka the bride's family) had bottled water and corn chips on the fly at the reception... I danced on cue with the bride... and I finished the night in my sweaty tuxedo heaving dripping hefty bags into a dumpster 3 blocks away. I remember clearly the irritation the hotel's bed sheets caused my aching feet afterward.

   It was hard work, but it was a great weekend. Another of my little girls was happy. I walked her down the sandy isle/aisle in a tux and my best flip flops, then danced with her to Paul Simon between serving, and cleaning duties. What a day. Time softens the rough edges.

   This weekend will be less complicated, I believe. The youngest Smith and her guy are less complicated. These two days I'll spend giving her away... because I can't run away. Besides, the oldest is on her way to the hospital as I write. Grand-offspring #3 is coming today it appears.

No Socks Necessary

   On our 25th wedding anniversary Mrs. Smith, and I cruised Alaska. It was a great trip in all ways, but what I remember as most pleasant was the Westin Hotel in Seattle. The sheets were perfect. Beautiful Alaska to enjoy, and I remember the sheets that soothed my feet (I bought a set by mail order when we got home).

   I was reminded this morning that every wedding has its complications. Our oldest got married here in town, but she had to do it the week before Christmas. I had forgotten that detail, and the difficulties that  it gave rise to. See how time softens those edges?

   I have to get into the game this morning before I get left behind. Set up, and rehearsal today. Wedding tomorrow. Grand-baby 3 coming sometime today. I'll check in later, and add some details. If you have any questions or advice, drop me a note.


Is it worth bringing daughters into the world, knowing you can't keep them?

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   If you'd like a few notes on how the wedding weekend turned out, please check this out: Leftovers and Gravy.


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