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Think and grow rich: Desire

Updated on February 23, 2016

When I read the introduction and the chapter on desire I was fired up and very encouraged. I have for the longest time always thought that life happened to you and you had no control over how things turned out, that everything was already set before we were all created and we were now just going through it. This chapter opened my eyes and I am quite positive will change my life as it opens up another possibility for me, that I have the power to create the life that I want irregardless of the economy, the situation, my environment or who is running the country, I am the master of my own fate.

The thought process

For quite sometime now I have heard some very successful people talking about the power of our thoughts how we can create what we want from our thoughts, I then heard about the secret which pretty much says the same thing, I then heard of what they call the Moses code that in the famous quote when God said I AM THAT I AM he was actually saying I AM THAT, I AM and I just thought that sounds a bit new age but when you all put it together you can see that the are all talking and pointing to the same thing the power of our THOUGHTS. Negative thoughts will attract negative results, positive thoughts will attract positive results. There is a famous quote that says "He who thinks he can and he who thinks he cannot are both usually right.

Taking action

My biggest task therefore was then to think positive thoughts. It is very difficult to break a lifetime habit, I catch myself sometimes thinking negatively just as a reflex or I will say something completely negative and I think to myself wow where did that even come from. I have become more aware of it now because I am now focused on the red shirt in the crowd. To help with the negative thoughts it helps to start off the day by listening to a motivational speech with YouTube it is now so easy to get hold of speeches by Les Brown or Zig Ziglar to only name a few. The second difficult thing was to find exactly what I want. It is easy to say I want to be happy but what does that look like for you, or to say I want to be rich but what is your figure? It therefore helps to really sit down and really think on what does wealth and happiness look like for you. Overall I really thought this chapter was very helpful, it gave me a lot of insight to why my life has been on a downward trajectory and what I can do to change it. Its not the economy or the politician or witchcraft I am the master of my own fate.


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