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Poetry: Those Thoughts, Bitter and Sweet

Updated on April 3, 2016

Those thoughts, bitter and sweet

Can wholly come to life

When the world is at sleep

Indulgence of one's vested luxury

Of subliminal reverie

Delivering much needed respite

In the solitude of an enclosed room

In the stillness of the night

In the tranquility of the cozy gloom

In the shield of the fading light

Every dream spurts forth as a geyser

Free from the clasp of restrain

To the fore, those secret longings and desires

Trust better invested in the saints

Their fearsome shadows lest frightening than the world's two-faced games

A vacation from walking that odious wire

From reclines on the corner settee

From musings at the window seat

From the shade of the cogitation tree

From beneath the warmth of a favorite quilt

Sprouting forth a menagerie

Emotions hailing from the deep

Eclipsing visages of reality

When those thoughts take on a life

For to evade and flee their bitter strife

To drift on the ripples of the silver sea

Where a heartbeat does not hold

Where the trappings of propriety has no weight

Where a breath is free to retract or flow

Where all mien is in the drawer laid

Reminiscing the rainbow's rays in singular layers

Dwelling on notes which sent the heart a-flutter

Mesmerized by the joy derived, as atop a pinnacle

All strength offered over to Imagery

To deliver the products of Ecstasy

To fill my sanctum, oh what a pleasure to savor

Those thoughts, bitter and sweet

They are mine to behold forever.

May 25, 2013

© 2013 Carmen Beth


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