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Poems about Love, Life & Death - Share, Inspire, Enlighten...

Updated on August 8, 2013

Words from within...

Poems in this hub

  1. Love and Life

  2. R.I.P. Dad

  3. The Problem With You & Me

  4. A False Impression

  5. R.I.P. Uncle T!

Love and Life

To live is to love,
And to love is to live.
To have been given life,
To have survived and thrived:
You have been loved by someone.
And so everyone is loved by someone,
But there is no-one who can love everyone,
And there is no-one who can be loved by everyone.
Know that to love and be loved you must first love yourself,
For if you don’t love yourself, how could anyone else love you.
You should only ever love for your own reasons, never somebody else’s,
For otherwise how can you ever truly love yourself, or ever give your love truly.
Live your own life yourself, for yourself; never live through or for someone else,
For how else will you or they ever truly know what it is like to live and be alive.
Know that someone loving you today is no guarantee they will love you tomorrow,
And giving your love to someone is never a guarantee they will return your love.
To expect love is to incite disappointment, to accept love is to relish respect.
Love will bring you joy, comfort and security, but also pain and worry,
But to experience these things is what makes us feel alive.
So be content that you loved, and were loved,
For it is then that we know we are alive.

R.I.P. Dad

Hi Dad, it's me
You know... your number 3
In case you can hear me from afar
From where ever you dwell among the stars
I just thought I'd say g'day
And that I love you in every way
Someday, we will once again meet
One day, up in the sky we will greet
Then you, me and Uncle T can have a good chat
And reminisce about family, fishing and that
Until then may your soul soar high
Your spirit always free to roam far and wide
I hope you know how much l love you
And that I think of you every day too
Other than that I just want to say please
May you always Rest in Peace

The Problem With You & Me

The problem with you and me

Was that I needed to be free,

Free to be who I wanted to be.

But this you would not see,

You could not set me free,

And you only saw what you wanted to see.

So I guess you never really did love me,

No matter what you like to believe.

For if you had, you would have seen

That love meant letting me be me.

In time I became who I had to be,

To ensure I would indeed be free,

And now I'm lovin' being me,

And being free to be

Just me.

A False Impression

You offered me a new life
You offered me security
And love and respect
You showed me self worth and
You gave me the strength to take a chance
And so I came to you

You said it would be great
You said I would be safe
And loved and respected
You showed me this at first and
You gave me reason to believe
And so I stayed

You expressed your hopes and dreams
You expressed your passion with tenderness
And love and respect
But you also showed me disdain and
You gave me reason to doubt
And so I questioned

You claimed it was true
You claimed you had not lied
And that you did love and respect me
But you showed me slavery and
You gave me a cage
And so I struggled

You told me to stay
You told me to listen
And to love and respect you
But you showed me hate and loathing and
You gave me your anger to fear
And so I disobeyed

You begged me to reconsider
You begged me to forgive
And to love and respect you again
But you showed me that you could not change and
You gave me vicious threats.
And so I found the wisdom
To trust myself instead of you
Then I found the strength to disappear
And so I am free

R.I.P. Uncle T!

Hi Uncle T, it's me,
You know, Mike's number three....
In case you can hear me from afar,
From where ever you are among the stars,
I just thought I'd say g'day
Before you continue on your way.
I hope someday we can once again meet
Perhaps one day, up in the sky we will greet
Then you, me and Mike can have a good chat
And reminisce about family, and fishing and that
Until then may your soul soar up high
Your spirit now free to roam far and wide
And for now, just know that we all love you too
And the shark who says "Het Jou!" always reminds me of you!
Other than that I just want to say please,
May you always Rest in Peace

Please Note:

All names in this article have been changed for legal purposes and to protect the privacy of the Author. Except where otherwise credited, or where text forms part of an external link, this article is under the following copyright:

Copyright © 2010 Mel Stewart, "safe-at-last", of Perth, Western Australia. All rights reserved.

All persons, places and objects shown in the images in this hub are are shown for illustrative purposes only. They bear no relation to any real person or event. All persons shown are paid models. Unless otherwise credited, all images are under the following copyright:

Copyright © 2010 Mel Stewart, "safe-at-last" and Licensors Nodtronics Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.


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  • safe-at-last profile imageAUTHOR

    Mel Stewart 

    9 months ago from Western Australia

    Thanks! Glad you enjoyed them. xox

  • ideasinked profile image


    9 months ago from Mumbai, India.

    I was hooked to this page. Amazing poems!

  • bigj1969 profile image

    John Marshall 

    4 years ago from glasgow

    Fantastic poems,couldn't get enough when I started reading.

  • gabby0506 profile image


    7 years ago from Bangalore

    Wow!!All in one. Just like a cocktail. I loved this hub. And not to forget, my favorite lines- "You begged me to reconsider

    You begged me to forgive

    And to love and respect you again"

  • downpourofwords profile image


    7 years ago from Dallas, Texas, USA

    Lovely poems and immaculate articulation. I could relate a lot to your poems since I write rhyming poetry too. Keep writing.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Song Title: Me

    Subject: a song delivering the message; "live your life & love yourself"

    Video URL:

  • HectorM profile image


    8 years ago from Miami,Florida

    Very Nice! :)

  • thevoice profile image


    8 years ago from carthage ill

    terrific loving hub write thanks


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