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Three Things You Need to Survive in This World

Updated on October 21, 2013

If you are ever asked of three most important things you consider essential in your life. What are you going to say? Are you going to mention abundance wealth, good wife and a jet; or are you going to mention good reputation, leadership skills and long life. Many people do not really know what it takes to survive in this life; they are a bit confused when it comes to knowing the important priorities in life. This article explains the three important things to survive in today’s world.

The first thing one need to survive in this world is knowledge. Knowledge protects someone from ignorance; it saves one from the negative consequence of being unknowledgeable. Ignorance is severely dangerous, even dangerous than being in a diseased state, and the only thing that saves one from the ignorance and its consequences is knowledge. Knowledge empowers, protects and guides someone, so that the person is in a better position to face life challenges. Adequate knowledge allows someone to have understanding of life issues. In fact, knowledge always goes with understanding and wisdom; when one has a good knowledge of a situation, one will also understand the situation, and one will be considered a wise person. So having adequate knowledge about things will also ensure better understanding of those things and he/she will be considered a wise person. Therefore, when one has knowledge, one also has wisdom and understanding.

The second thing one needs is physical fitness; this will protect someone from physical injury, stress, life challenges. Knowing how to run adequately may save one’s life when being chased by an enemy, and also knowing how to swim may protect someone from a ship accident. Being physically fit is very important in getting things done in life; a physically fit person is also in a better situation to manage stress and life challenges which are inevitable part of life. Physical fitness also ensures mental alertness, and this is very crucial in staying relevant in life. One may one to think that since one is not going to cause trouble one may not need to be physically fit, but the benefit of being physically fit goes beyond being able to fight. It also involves the ability to manage situations, worries, and stress effectively. Daily exercise may help in ensuring that one is physically fit.

The third thing that one needs is right association i.e. right friends. Many people have failed in life because of the wrong friends they associate with. Many have been unable climb the success ladder because of wrong advice from a wrong companion. Man is a social being and therefore need a right companion, and will always find one; so the ability to choose right companion always go a long way in deciding the type of person one is going to be. So one must always make sure one is associating with right people.

If one considers these three things very well, one will see that acquiring these three things will help one to live a good life.

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    • Adept2012 profile image

      Adebayo Adeolu Ibrahim 5 years ago

      Thanks Remaniki for your comment.

    • remaniki profile image

      Rema T V 5 years ago from Chennai, India

      Hi Adept,

      Yes, very true indeed. Knowledge, health and good company do make a person's life better in many ways and helps him lead a good life. Nice hub. Sharing it across. Cheers, Rema.