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Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 7

Updated on October 4, 2018
Pam Morris profile image

Writing is my passion. I have an undying thirst and quest in the field of writing. Some eat, drink, or use drugs when stressed; I write.


It’s been three days since Leroy received a call for ransom for his Mother and girlfriend. For Leroy, life has been full of darkness where every day seems to be a night with no way of bringing in the daylights.

It’s hard for Leroy to imagine life without his mother and the love of his life, Laura. Without them both, He feels as if someone is holding a plastic bag over his head attempting to smugger him as He struggles to survive. Feeling as if he had limited air, Leroy pull open the curtain and window. As He sits and waits for the kidnapper to call his imagination starts to run wild.

Determined not to allow his mind to get the best of him He looks out the window at the neighbor, Ms. Lord sits on her front porch. She notices Leroy near the window looking her way and waves, but Leroy did not signal back. Wondering how he’s doing, Ms. Lord walked over, across the street rang the doorbell to speak to Leroy. Leroy slowly gets up from his seat to walk to the door and answered it.

Ms. Lord is a widow, her husband died a little over a year ago, and she has been waiting for an opportunity to spin Leroy up in her web since she read in Fortune 500, He was a Billionaire.

Ms. Lord keeps her eyes on the house at all times so; she knows Mama Xin is not home, Leroy is alone. She intends to take advantage of Leroy stage of mind. She can tell something is going on, he’s not his self, and she hopes to be the shoulder he can lean on.

Can I come in, said, Ms. Lord? This is not a good time replied Leroy. However, Ms. Lord was not hearing him she steps pass Leroy and walks on to sit down on the couch. Leroy closes the door and asks how I may help you.


Ms. Lord asks Leroy to sit next to her, he was attempting to walk pass her when she grabs Leroy and sits him close to her. Then she immediately starts kissing him on his neck. Leroy pushed free of her.

She stands up and hops on his lap, pinning him down and ripping his shirt off. The phone rang and Leroy never in his life was so happy to hear a ring that possibly was the worse News of the kidnapping.

Pulling himself free of Ms. Lord, excuse me said, Leroy. I need to answer that and He walks over to the end table pick up his phone to answer it. Please,may I take this call, it’s the important call I have been waiting for. Ms. Lord leaves, Leroy hoped it was the kidnapper telling him where to meet him. But It was Aunt Louise, she asks if it were any words on her sister.

Leroy was so happy to hear from his aunt. Most of all he felt it was the call that saved him from the neighbor who attacks him unexpectedly. Leroy replied I am still waiting for the News. Leroy was so in need of someone to talk to and took advantage of his Aunt being on the phone; she gave him encouraging words. Aunt Louise told Leroy, you are your mama son and you can handle the worse of any situation.

She went on to say, although it may seem as if you don’t know what to do and I am sure this is one of the hardest situations you ever had to endure, you can withstand. When you were a child, I used to tell your mother; you were a child trapped inside an old man’s body because you were so much more mature than your sister Liz, although she is three years older than you.

Leroy shared with Aunt Louise he has not heard from Liz in a little over a year. She married a wealthy movie director and moved away. Liz husband travels a lot producing movie all over the world and Liz goes with him. She even an actress in most of the films he produces.


Leroy tells Aunt Louise the last thing he heard Liz and Curtis were in Japan doing a drama that many felt would be a multi-million seller base on the film, King Kong taking over Japan.

Curtis is famous for directing excellent drama and horror movies. Leroy went on to say, and I feel my life consist of drama, maybe one day I can sit down with my brother-in-law and write a movie of my life for him to produce as I’m sure after all I been through it would be a sellout.

Leroy and Aunt Louise laugh as he shared with her it would be nice to have his sister around to be supportive in one of the worse of time. I believe Liz would want to be around for mother if she knew. Aunt Louise urges Leroy to call Liz and tell her.

After hanging up with Aunt, Louise Leroy felt so much better, and his mind was more settled. He looked for Mama Xin phone book, so he could find Liz telephone number and call her to share with her Mama Xin were kidnapped.

It took Leroy a little time, but he finally found Liz number and dial her number. She did not answer so Leroy left her a message to call him. Fifteen minutes later a female returned the call and introduced herself as Nancy, Liz assistant. Leroy told her he was Liz brother and need to speak with her concerning an urgent family matter. Nancy said Liz was unavailable at that moment, but she would give her the message so she can return the call at her earliest convenience.

The phone rang, showing private caller and Leroy answer it to hear the last voice he expects to hear from. It was Morgan; he pleads with Leroy to please allow him to be there for him. Leroy asks how is it that he knows of the kidnapping. Morgan replied, I heard the word on the street and wanted to be there for you as you have been for me in the past.


It took a while for the words to come out of Leroy's mouth as it's was hard for him to believe Morgan had the nerve to call him. Most of all it was hard to think he cared about someone other than himself.

The thoughts of their childhood relationship entered Leroy’s mind and how much he missed Morgan also came to his mind. But Leroy felt trusting Morgan would be his biggest mistake, and he said. "This isn't a good time." "I need a level head and can't deal with you right now." Leroy hung up.

As Leroy hangs up from Morgan the phone rings and Leroy answers it. It was finally the kidnapper. The robot sounding voice said is this Leroy? Yes, he replied. Do you have the money? Yes, said Leroy. Do not involve the police and meet me in forty-five minutes with the money at the corner of the new coffee shop in town. Leroy verified the address and left to meet the kidnapper.

Mark was listening in and immediately begin putting the plan in place to ensure the kidnapper doesn't walk free with the money and the hostages are safe to go home.

Leroy leaves to meet the kidnappers to pay ransom for his mother and girlfriend. He arrives at the location and gets out of the car went inside the coffee shop to get coffee; He returns to his car to wait for instruction from the kidnapper.

A black van pulls up slowly and parks in front of Leroy's car. All four windows were tinted dark; a tall slim guy steps out, He was wearing dark shades and a black neck cap hood 6 in 1 and blue jeans.

He walks over to Leroy car, gave the password to ensure he was approaching the right vehicle. Leroy steps out, throw the money out in front of you and back up said the kidnapper. Leroy throws the money on the ground and steps back.


Just before the kidnapper picks up the money, two guys with guns quickly appeal behind him one hit him over the head with the gun, knocking him down and the other rush to the black van behind him. Mama Xin steps out, but Laura was not in the van.

Another guy steps out of the van and holds a gun to Mama Xin head. A guy, Leroy nor the guy working with him Mark aware of appears out of nowhere to punch the guy with the gun on Mama Xin in the face. It happens so fast, and He struck him so powerful that he Knocks the guy on top of the van, lying face up as Leroy rush over and help his mother off to the car in a hurry.

Mark is holding the two kidnappers in custody. He unmasks the guy, who was wearing a mask that features Jack the Ripper from the TV movie and the other wore dark shades with a hoodie. Leroy nor Mama Xin were able to identify the two guys.

The hard-punching Mike Tyson hitting guy was Morgan, and the moment he shows his identity he was also brought into custody. Morgan asks about the whereabouts of Laura; Mama Xin replied she was still at the house just around the corner. Morgan was fierce and insist on knowing what will be done to free Laura.

Morgan and the two guys were placed in the back of a police car to be transferred to the precinct. Mama Xin gives direction to the house where Laura is being held just before the guys drive her home. Morgan is angry as he’s on his way to the station. He asks the officer to please stop as he urgently needs to use the restroom.

Against the office better judgment, he stops to allow Morgan to use the gas station bathroom. The officer driving stands outside the bathroom door waiting for Morgan to come out. After a fifteen-minute wait, he breaks the locked door open to see Morgan is gone.


Where did Morgan go? The officer that placed Morgan in custody did he think to check him for a cell phone? It’s oblivious that Morgan went through the window. Did he call someone to meet him and give him a ride back to the house where his sister is being held?

Will Leroy and the three guys on their way to the house manage to rescue Laura? If everything goes to plan, Laura should be saved like Mama Xin and safe on her way back home, will it happen?

Perhaps Morgan has a plan of his own and wants to be the hero to rescue his sister.

Could Morgan be sincere about helping with the kidnapping and trying to salvage a friendship with Leroy? Did he genuinely love Mama Xin as a mother as he stated for Him to put his freedom on the line to be placed in custody just to escape to be back on the run?

Perhaps the speculation about the saying desperate times calls for drastic measures hold true value because Morgan had to be desperate to free Laura and Mama Xin to show himself. Although being a con came handy as he cons his way to freedom and on the run again, will choose to put his freedom on the line again to interfere with freeing his sister?

Will Laura lose her life as the kidnapper held her to ensure the ransom is paid and things didn’t go as they request? Or will things work out where Leroy and the guys get to her and free her?

Mark. After all, is a professional at kidnapping and He has been in the business a long time, so it's possible that he can put a plan in place, a strategy that will be effective enough to be smart and adequate to free Laura.

To learn the outcome if Laura will lose her life or be freed joining me on this journey of whodunit where things are thickening. Find out many other mysteries, thrills, secret, and deceit on part 8 of the mystery revealed as I will be telling the fate of Laura and so much more.

Till Death Do Us Part; A Story of Mystery and Intrigue Part 7

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Mystery of Love - By Sufjan Steven

© 2018 Pam Morris


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