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Time Has Come For The Debt To Be Repayed

Updated on August 19, 2010

Time Has Come For The Debt To Be Repayed.

 Finally the cloak that has drapped itself about my shoulders for so long, has retracted its presence from me

And now, that it is indeed gone, all the final sentancing and anguish now pours down upon me

Their numbers equal thoes of soldiers slain whos hearts mirror the one whom now apears as a ghost of a memory

What was once a stone pillar fades into fog of the same grey

I never knew the blows I flung upon him carried this deep a pain

But now finally his noble heart smiles at the entering of hope

Yet I am unable to even fake the shadow of the smile he faked so strongly for so long

I welcome carmas poison bite

My hatred for myself has never ridden with steel as its armour

My dissmissals no longer display their deadly effects

Finally the time has come for me to pay the price of all my missdeeds

All my selfish acts

All my misshandling of nobel hearts

All my pride based decisions

Finally I am freed to feel their true weight

With tears of repentance I scream out to all thoes souls I scared

To that lion who shadowed me for so long

That black valiant who gave all in return for nothing

That love terror held back was all he longed for

His own heart he relinquished time after time to this creature slave of terror

Who rewarded her guardian with a death sentance each time lonelyness, hopelessness deserted her

He gave her his breath to breathe

She gave him ash in return

He gave her his hand

She gvae him dagger adorned claws that tore him

He gave her his heart

She left him hollow without a glance backward

Now his misery becomes hers as this creature comes from out of the dark

So the doves may turn her charred coat bloody

She growls agianst the resistance of her ragged body as she bends benieth the moonlight

Trying finally to repay the unpayable debt she owes he who has so long lent her his being

Who finally has found his heart a home within one clensed by pure light

This heartless creature is finally made to repay he who became her definition of true love.



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