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Time Travel and the Collective Soul: Musings of the Antibody

Updated on January 20, 2014

When The World Stopped Looking

One day a man believed he had discovered the truth and so he stopped looking for it.In contemplating the significance of past,present,and future,he concluded that the past was cold,distant,exsanguinous,and dead.He defined the past as being nothing more than memories and memorabilia; a vast collection of faded photographs and dusty old books.The man began to laugh, and then he spoke aloud to himself,

" The past holds no practical value for the common man! One moment has ended and yet another will always begin.I have been accused of being simple minded,but what other truth does a corpse possess,except a tale of corruption?"

There were those standing nearby who heard his confession, and they agreed with his sentiments.It was clear to them that the world was not round,but flat,and that the troubles of the distant past were best forgotten. News of this great revelation quickly spread throughout the city,and soon a jubilant crowd had gathered; surrounding the man who had discovered the truth.To honor him,the crowd lifted the man upon their shoulders and paraded him through the streets of the city ; all the while singing,

To the future yes,but to the past we bear no responsibility
To the future yes,but let the past be buried with the bones of the dead
All Hail The Truthsayer and a truth that is fitting
All Hail The Truthsayer and a truth so agreeable

All Hail The Consumer

And so the stumbling block was put into place, and each generation after continued to stumble .And even today,if anyone should happen to mention an evil deed of the past,there is always an ignorant fool willing to stand up and shout, "Get over it!" I have stood in horror and witnessed the deification of the trinity; the past,the present, and the future.The champions of empiricism,unable to explain the inexplicable and mysterious constructs of a superior being, have opted to proclaim that God is dead! Thus appealing to the arrogant nature of men, while elevating themselves to a position of absolute authority.The fact, that a mere consumer of time now stands in defense of what should be the "common" sense,is remarkable indeed !

Of course I am here
Caught up in the tide
Adrift upon this petulant wheel
But it is only time to make me see
And it is only time to make me feel

And what did I see but a continuum?
Events simultaneous and distinct

And have I not felt bewildered
And what have I seen but a circle?
And what greater depth of frustration could have so confounded
Bringing forth such a new sense of purpose?

Here I have given what is contrary to popular belief; and what will be my reward? I have no tenure or fellowship with any esteemed institutions.I am not a technician ,or schooled in a discipline of science.I cannot imagine that my postulate of traversing a circular timeline of perpetual events through the genetic code might receive any great recognition,or be so inspiring that I should be miraculously lifted from this poverty and vindicated by a throng of faithful admirers; quick stepping like the gamecock and joined in solemn chorus:

We are foolish and he is wise
He has straightened us with a kindness
Enlightened us with a new geometry
We are now emboldened
Not seeking forgiveness
But demanding manumission
All Hail the Consumer
All Hail the Consumer

But he who would not mock us
He who dreamed the path that goes around completely
Revealed a technology no man could create
All Hail the Consumer
All Hail The Consumer

He has made us wise and discerning
Taking issue with the disabled and the blind
One not heavy laden with degrees or certificates
Gifted with an uncommon sense
Unspoiled and unimpressed with the common gentry
All Hail the Consumer
All Hail The Consumer

Evidence & Illusion:The Workings of Time

Some have demanded I provide empirical evidence to verify my claim; seeking to expose that I have perpetrated a great fraud; that I have sought to influence and entertain the gullible and the uneducated with a most fantastic tale; claiming that each moment in time is perpetual unto the end of time; that each moment is a placeholder of mutable events, and that we can shape the past, just as we have shaped the future.

Who has looked into history
and not seen another present?
And was it not before us?
Still was it not behind us?
Still does it not stand beside us,
Simultaneous and perpetual,
Memory, mortar, brick,blood and bone?

They have demanded empirical evidence? But where is their original thought? They have memorized and repeated what they have read in a book,and then charged a fee for admission.They parrot popular theories and misconceptions; defending them with sagacious authority,when they have authored only pretense and fashion.It is they,the so-called scholars of academia, who have preyed upon the gullible and committed the fraud.Where is the empirical evidence of their intelligence?Who will swear an oath to their sincerity?And now I must laugh,because there is most certainly evidence to the contrary.

Whether it be a worm or a dewdrop, understanding is most completely attained from within the subject.Men of limited scope and vision,standing outside the world, have dissected the world and named all of the parts. They have called this "understanding", and "knowledge", when it is only butchery! But I did not stand outside of it.I jumped into the world,just as I have into a mothers womb,and from there I saw my life ,death,and resurrection.But that is the least of which I bear witness.It is most remarkable that I have seen the Earth and all therein, simultaneous and perpetual.

What fool has dreamed the future to be a deserted wasteland ; a blank slate waiting for a word to begin: a confirmation that the present has completed itself?

Time is the illusion
Moving backward and forward
The illusion created by consciousness
Moving across fixed mutable events
Being the harmonic composition of perpetual moments
Facilitating the convergence of flesh and emotion into motion
Thus the illusion of successive events

Have we not closed our eyes in the present
Only to awaken again in the present?
And so goes the illusion
The future always coming
The past always moving further and further away
But we have been fooled by the present tense

To my mother I am a child
But gone from here and around the wheel
I am older by a million and more years

Empirical evidence?Pick up the pebble and throw it into this pond.Here,you will have your evidence.Where the pebble has struck the surface you will see waves expanding outward in all directions. Would it not seem quite unnatural, should they expand in only one direction?

Time Travel Through The Genetic Code

Now listen to the naysayer,

"You claim that you can traverse time through the genetic code,but the theory of past life regression through the genetic code has been disproved.It is now understood that genetic traits are only dispositional, and that memory or experience cannot be passed from one generation to the next. Furthermore,it was never believed that the genetic code could be used as a means of time travel,but only as a means of regression."

Clearly, the naysayer cannot see that all things are connected here in the system of things.The tree has many roots that go deep into the earth.But the tree also has many branches that reach up toward the sky.If you should reach down and touch the root,you will find that it does not feel like the branches.If you should reach down and smell,or taste the root,you will find it does not smell or taste exactly like the branches.In spite of this, the roots and the branches are connected by the trunk of the tree.

The tree can only exist because of this connection.What can exist in time, that is not at first connected to it? A man stepped into the muddy Mississippi river and was bitten by a turtle.The mud,the water,and the turtle were all connected to the river.When the man stepped into the river ,he connected himself to the river and all therein.It is not surprising that when he stepped out of the river, his clothes were muddy and that his leg was bleeding.

Let us not be afraid to traverse the pathways
These common threads woven through time
Binding together this tapestry of life and death
Spanning the gulf between former selves and strangers
Times remembered even more unknown
Forging new relationships
Older distant and symbiotic

The Collective Soul

The illusion of one
Stands before the mirror
Behold the collective organism
Elements components processes
Harmonious crucial and expendable
Now the hidden molecular universe
Millions upon millions
Constitute the collective whole
Behind a wall of narcissistic and arrogant nature
Inebriated with the illusion of individuality
The illusion of one
Stands before the precipice

Behold the Collective Soul
And what other purpose did one supposed to serve?
Did I not carefully and gently bring one to this epiphany?
Many prophets have spoke of these things in other words
One saw the little fish that struggled for it's life
But one only laughed and shared the meat with friends
And also the sustenance manufactured from the living seed

Perhaps the little fish believed In the Illusion of one
Perhaps the living seed dreamed of one day being planted
Both, only to be devoured and assimilated
Behind a wall of narcissistic and arrogant nature
Inebriated with the illusion of individuality

And what does one suppose feeds the Collective Soul
Embryonic and connected to the wheel
But the emotion and the experience of this living nature
But man and beast and all things that have come up from the ground ?

Behold the Collective Soul
Ancient infant of the heavenly host
How long
It's repose in the womb of God?
How long
Upon these civilizations
Raised in antiquity now gone back to the dust
With wretchedness and splendor
Nourished for all these millions of years?

I marvel at the enormity of God's most splendid creation
Whose width and breadth I can only imagine
But surely would dwarf the sun
All of the known planets and spaces in between

O' passionate lover of self
Have I wounded you now?
And do you curse my words?
Standing behind a wall of narcissistic and arrogant nature
Inebriated with the illusion of individuality
Believing in one man and one soul
One beginning and one goodbye

But what can be said for the illusion of one
Without seeming sadistic or cruel?
Yes, we are filled with holy spirit
But also we are soulless
And how can we possess what has yet to be born?
And how can we accept that man is not God's most splendid creation ?

Behold the Collective Soul
Embryonic and tethered to the wheel

The Foolish Man

"One hundred years beyond this moment
Who will live to see it?
One hundred years before
Or one thousand years more
How can it reach out and touch the present?
It is the past and the past is dead"
One foolish man said

But he is delusional and stuck on the linear view
As he stands surrounded by moments of perpetual thought and action
But he does not believe what he cannot see nor hear
He is likened to the cow or the swine
More concerned with the salt lick, or a seductive sow in heat
Figuring he has done well during his brief tenure in the fattening pen

Unlike the protagonist, the foolish man cannot see around the circumference.Because of his limited vision,he does not understand the meaning of a circle.From the perspective of the present, the protagonist flung himself far into the future,and continuing,ultimately found himself in the past, but then continuing even further,he finally stepped back into the present.

How many years did it take for mankind as a whole to realize and accept that the Earth is round instead of flat?I suggest it will take even more years than that for mankind to realize the circular nature of time.And then even more years to realize and accept that each moment and every event occurring in time is perpetual ,unto the end of time.

I Dreamed The Protagonist

I dreamed the protagonist
Against all odds
Pushing ever onward
Through the thorny thickets
The tumultuous gathering of flies

His mode of travel the genetic code
While men of science duly fixed upon the speed of light
Postulated and pondered upon a most cumbersome method
Giving up ten years to gain one hundred ...

Others sworn to the metaphysical simply waited to die
Leaping back into the raging stream
Immediately consumed by the deafening roar of humanity
But then only forgetfulness
And then only the silence of the womb

But the protagonist looked at the pictures
With heart racing
Eyes tracing the faces and drawing the maps
Taking note of each new location
Reaching out to the new spirit in the old time
A fragment of the whole caught up in the old misery

Through the pathways of the genetic code
Gone out into the ether then back into the flesh
Bringing hope and comfort to a kind heart
And a new conscience to one that is cruel

But without a picture he was not deterred
The protagonist thrust his hands into the dirt
And within the dirt he found the faces
And from the dirt he drew the maps
Taking note of each new location

For five years the protagonist continued in his travail.In the present tense, he came to look sickly,and for a while was even cast into a prison, and then his teeth began to fall out.One day as he was about his business, a group of naysayers pointed and shouted out in unison: "See him now; this one who spoke of circles, the perpetuity of a moment,and the Collective Soul. He is a fraud and his life has come to ruin !"

But the protagonist would not be mocked.He turned toward the men and said," See the plow is scarred and rusty; some of the edges are broken, and it is covered with dust and dirt.But the plow has done great and wonderous things.It has broken the ground for many years; making a way for the wheat and the corn,the potato and the turnip,and all sustenance that comes up out of the Earth.This plow has fed many children, made many mothers happy ,and many fathers strong.But it is even more wonderous, that men would mock the will of God!

The Spirit of a Man

Remember the spirit of a man
And behold the sandy beach
Stretching out as far as the eye can see
How could this be fitted in one human form?

I have seen the portion allotted to each man
It is likened to only seven grains of sand

Having raised up a creature for each portion of one human spirit
Not even Jupiter and her moons could accommodate the whole

Behold the spirit of one man
Seeded along the circumference
Time lines parallel and intersecting
Within them a multitude of worlds alien and exotic
Each one connected to a Collective Soul

A perpetuity of birth and rebirth
Replenishing and nourishing
A community of spirits divided among races of men
Amidst a communion of Souls

Time Travel: A Grand Purpose

Who but the drunkard has gone out of their home seeking a rotten fruit? Who has thought to fill the baby's bottle with gasoline? And then, wouldn't the baby choke, and try to spit it out?A man who is filled with a disease will seek to destroy that which has come to corrupt and devour the flesh.

And so it follows: The Collective Soul cannot nourish itself with corruption,nor can it endure the cancerous toxicity that multiplies about the corruption.Because of the cyclical nature of time,the past is the future and the future is the past.Whatever goodness or evil continues to exist in the past still reaches out and affects the present.It is a poison that permeates the timeline.It is foolishness to expect that the present can be mended and made straight through the present alone.The timeline as a whole must be brought into a harmonious balance,and this cannot be done without a healing of the past.Every moment along the timeline must be addressed and brought into a perfect alignment; a tone sympathetic with goodness and light.The suffering of the present and the future cannot end until the consequences of evil intentions,as well as their sources, have been erased.

The condition of mankind is inextricably bound to the condition of the Collective Soul.If we should destroy our world and ourselves,it is only the prelude to a greater tragedy.We must traverse the pathways of time that are woven into this tapestry of life ,death,and renewal.Let us purge this evil from our past.Let the books which hold this terrible accounting turn to dust and fall apart; being filled only with blank pages.

Lest it be said among the council of Souls: "Behold the Collective Human Soul,delivered up out of the womb ; naked and stillborn!

Throwing A Mountain

About The Video

"Throwing A Mountain" words & music by wrenchBiscuit © 2012 Video by wrenchBiscuit © 2014

The music is of an ambient nature and the intro is rather lengthy,with the spoken word beginning at approx: 2:09.

© 2014 Ronnie wrenchBiscuit


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    • wrenchBiscuit profile imageAUTHOR

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 

      2 years ago

      Thank You Deborah ! Have you always been so demanding?

    • Deborah Demander profile image

      Deborah Demander 

      2 years ago from First Wyoming, then THE WORLD

      Interesting work. You have a great mind.


    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 

      4 years ago from California

      Wow, This is amazing. When we ignore history we are ignorant. The video was stunning. Great work.

    • wrenchBiscuit profile imageAUTHOR

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 

      5 years ago

      What a great compliment Amie. Perhaps my talent is up for debate, but I am certifiably mad. Lol! Thank you, Thank You!

    • wrenchBiscuit profile imageAUTHOR

      Ronnie wrenchBiscuit 

      5 years ago

      Thank you so much Eric! Your feedback is much appreciated.

    • amiebutchko profile image

      Amie Butchko 

      5 years ago from Warwick, NY

      Wrench biscuit, you are really mad talented. I feel like your writing in this piece reminds me of the style of T.S. Elliot in some ways (he is my favorite poet of all time). I have to come back and re-read this as it is so dense - in a good way. You certainly are contemplative of so many deep issues!

    • Ericdierker profile image

      Eric Dierker 

      5 years ago from Spring Valley, CA. U.S.A.

      Very interesting. Throwing a Mountain is quite impressive.


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