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Timid Guy Getting Sued

Updated on October 14, 2010
Timid guy getting sued
Timid guy getting sued | Source

Nope. No fun at all. Especially for this timid guy.

Claims and subpoenas. Motions and depositions. Venues and precedents. Summary judgment and cross-claim. Res ipsa loquitor and motions in limine. Tell me, just what is this downcast and dejected dope of a defendant to do? Other than sort and shuffle and scribe and staple endless stacks and sheafs of stationery in hopes of some sort of salvation in there somewhere?

Well, he could hire an attorney. Pay him a retainer and a hefty hourly rate and telephone charges and photocopying expenses and expert fees and reconstruction costs and lunch tabs and mileage and, by the way, counselor, how ‘bout another car payment or an extension on that dock lease?

No, getting sued is not for the timid. Take it from me, wimpy, you’re best off leaving it to the tough characters of this world.


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