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Tips to Get Started with Freelance Writing

Updated on April 3, 2011

Freelance Writing Advice

Quit Your Job Become a Full Time Freelance Writer
Quit Your Job Become a Full Time Freelance Writer

Becoming a Self Employed Freelance Writer

One of the long term goals of freelance writers is that of quiting their job, Leaving the daily grind behind to become a full time freelance writer is lets face it a beautiful dream, one that the majority of us share!

But let's face it, as much as we would like it to be easy the prospect of quiting our safe daily wage and entering into the daily struggle of finding work for our freelance writing is a daunting task. in fact it is this one step that both keeps Freelancers going with the hope it provides and is the one step that many fail to take.

When you start out as a freelance writer you will most likely pick up jobs on sites such as Digital Point Forums or E-Lance - these kind of sites are fantastic resources for some jobs to start you off and to help you make some contacts in the industry,

A word of advice though, do not go straight to the top expecting the big players to help you out, they receive hundreds of e-mails each day begging, you should not attempt to get in touch with these people until you have something that you can offer them.

From tiny acorns grow giant oaks is a proverb little used but always held to be true. You may be frustrated by lack of work, the occasional non payer and some criticism of your work. Do not let this phase you though, it is important to listen to what people say about your writing, they are your customers. As you learn from comments about your freelance writing your skills will vastly improve, people will re-hire you and you may find yourself being able to charge more for your work, or enter into some commission arrangements!

Improving your work, increasing your workload and working your way to a self sustainable income is the first major step in being able to leave your job behind and becoming a full time self employed freelance writer. It is one hell of a big step, you are leaving a comfortable life behind and entering into the unknown.

Fortunately while it is a big step there is plenty of advice along the way, you can get some fantastic freelance writing advice from ClearView writing and you can also ask for information from this business forum and Digital Point Forums!

Freelance Writing Tips and Advice

When you first come into the world of freelance writing it opens your eyes to the posibility of quitting your job and ebcoming self employed.  The task is however daunting, this is why we are here to give you some top tips on becoming a freelance writer.

Dont Lose Hope

The number one reason that most freelancers fail is because tehy lose hope.  Keep trying, it may take years but eventually you will be able to quit your job and become a full tiem freelance writer!

Beat Procrastination

Wasting your time when you could be working is another major reason behind some fantastic writers failing to take the final atep to leaving their job and becoming a writer.  Beating Procrastination is essential, so please check out advice on how to beat procrastination to ensure you don't get caught out wasting your time!

Take Onboard Criticism

None of us like our work to be insulted, but when you start out as a freelance writer it is absolutely essntial that you can take criticism and advice from clients and otehr writers without your feeligns being overly hurt.  Remember that for the most part these people will be trying to help you reach the best of your ablilty.


Take time out of your day to read, whether it's the newspaper or a book, if you keep reading other peoples work it will expand both your vocabulary and your style!

Balance your Personal and Working Life

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy" Many people forget this, indeed many people, including your son to be ex-boss will want you to forget this.  The truth of the matter is that boredom dulls your creative edge, teh more you experience the more interesting and exciting your writing will become.  Spend too much time working and you may find not only does your work become dull but that you actually start resenting the freelance writing lifestyle!

Join the Community!

As much as the freelance writing career is portrayed as a solo career there is in fact a huge community of freelancers out there, join forums such as Digital Point to fully integrate yourself into the amazingly friendly freelance writing arena!

Why Should You Listen To Me?

It's one of the most important questions, and one I am willing to answer.

Well, I have quit my job, I own a huge range of websites, including a soon to be launched How To Guide website, and I can safely say I earn enough for a comfortable living off my freelance writing work.

I have built up some great contacts over the years and thing that I have now reached the point of my career where I should spread my hard earned knowledge with others!


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    • RoboMarketMachine profile image

      RoboMarketMachine 6 years ago from Slidell, LA

      Thanks for your article! I also like the fact that you are willing to share your knowledge and that there is life after quitting the "traditional job". I will try some of your suggestions about joining the Digital Forum and basically getting to know the writing community. I'm a newbe to all this, but a quick learner. I look forward to the day when I, too, can be independent and make a comfortable living do the same!

    • astigpinoy16 profile image

      astigpinoy16 6 years ago from Philippines

      good hub, I am planning to apply as an article writer, this would help me, thanks

    • mrcuriosity profile image

      mrcuriosity 7 years ago

      what a useful hub.. thanx

    • treasuresyw profile image

      treasuresyw 8 years ago from Savannah, GA

      Awesome article with great advice. Peace

    • thisisoli profile image

      thisisoli 8 years ago from Austin, Texas (From York, England!)

      Thanks :)

    • linjingjing profile image

      linjingjing 8 years ago

      Tips to Get Started with Freelance Writing

      Funny article