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Today I Lost a Precious Part of My Life

Updated on April 3, 2016

Today I Lost a Precious Part of My Life

My heart is broken into a thousand pieces, for today I lost a precious part of my life, my Dearest Daddy.

It saddens me so much that I didn’t make it in time to say goodbye, but I feel he knew I was there in

Spirit and in my heart. My life will no more be the same for I lost my Daddy when the Lord decided he

needed him to play in Heaven’s Great Band.

He will be missed so much here on Earth by those who called him Daddy, Grandpa, Uncle, Friend and

The Tootsie Roll Man

But I can just see him up there playing with his favorite singers, Marty Robbin, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and Old Hank Snow and all the other great Artists that have gone before him that are now

singing in Heaven’s Great Band.

As my Precious Mama sits in the front row watching with such pride that Daddy finally made it to the big time a Gig much better than the Grand Ole Opry, Vegas Or Hollywood.

For what greater joy or fame could ever match singing for our Savior in Heaven’s Great Band!

© Judy Phillips


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