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Too Little, Too Much

Updated on March 8, 2011
Too Little, Too Much
Too Little, Too Much | Source

My, my, my! Hapless Harley Quinn has got to be quite the study in contrasts.

This good ol’ boy has yet to learn that certain extremes, when injudiciously juxtaposed, do NOT define a dashing, dapper figure.

That is, if one has a ponytail, it should ideally descend from a rather dense crown of cranial hair. A ‘wife-beater’ can occasionally anchor alluring attire — IF it is clean, tautly stretched across a commanding physique, and lengthy enough to reach one’s belt. Furry forearms can make the suitably manly statement, but perhaps only if they are not connected to such anemic biceps.

You get the picture. Harley cannot seem to help pairing one unsightly excess with an equally unsightly contrary indulgence.

But he sure is entertaining!


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