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Top 10 Comic Books from a Girl's Point of View

Updated on June 5, 2008

By Jessica Conley, HubPages Blogger

Art from the graphic novel Wet Moon, written and illustrated by Ross Campbell.
Art from the graphic novel Wet Moon, written and illustrated by Ross Campbell.

Top 10 Comic Books from a Girl's Point of View

Comic Books and graphic novels - they are not just for boys!

When most people think of comic books, Batman and Superman come to mind. Images of heroes saving the world pop up in your head right? Well there is a lot more to comics then the norm. More and more women are getting hooked into the comic book scene.

For those who don't know, millions of comic books have been published. I am sure there are more great ones out there that will not make my list. There are still a ton on my 'to read' list.

I entered the comic book world when I met my husband. He dragged me to a few comic book shops and in boredom I started looking through the back issues and if I liked the way the cover looked, I bought it. I quickly learned this is a bad choice in finding a good read, but as an artist, I still do it. I can at least appreciate the front cover art, right? Anyhow.. this is my list of good reads that also have good art and even though everyone is not per-say "Girly", I think they are reads some women will find entertaining.

My list is a mixture of comic books and graphic novels, new and old. You may even have to search ebay to find some of them.

If you like to read but have never read a comic book I reccommend that you try one of the reads in my list. I don't think you will be disappointed at all!

10. Plain Janes - by Cecil Castellucci

9. Skeleton Key - by Andi Watson

8. Water Baby - Ross Campbell

7. Kissing Chaos - by Arthur Dela Cruz

6. Autumn - by Tommy Kovac

5. The Ballad of Sleeping Beauty - by Gabriel Benson

4. Egg Story - by J. Marc Schmidt

3. Nightmares & Fairytales - by Serena Valentino and FSC

2. Wet Moon - by Ross Campbell

and the number one comic book is...

1. Lenore "the Cute Little Dead Girl" - by Roman Dirge


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    • Len Cannon profile image

      Len Cannon 8 years ago from Brooklyn, NY

      Most people consider Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore to be a "girl comic" but as a confirmed owner of a penis I quite enjoyed it. It's an odd mix of relationship drama and a bizarre mafia side-plot. I enjoyed the romance aspects more, actually.

    • bill yon profile image

      bill yon 8 years ago from sourcewall

      check out the sword by the luna brothers,image comics,you might like it.

    • Uncle Goat profile image

      Uncle Goat 8 years ago from Chicago, IL

      While neither "boy" nor "girl" comics, I highly suggest hunting down anything by Daniel Clowes and/or Chris Ware. They are both deeply human comic book creators.

      For something more heroic, hard not to be impressed with The Age of Bronze by Eric Shanower, a re-telling of the Trojan War.

      And another highly recommended comic series would be Jason Lutes' Berlin, which one could say is a love story set in Germany as the Nazis slowly rise to power. Yeah, it's a heart breaker in more ways than one.

    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 9 years ago from Earth

      *Betty. lol

    • MellasViews profile image

      MellasViews 9 years ago from Earth

      Archie has always been my favorite. I keep thinking he will score with that Vetty or Veronica

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 9 years ago

      nice list

    • Miss_Kitty profile image

      Miss Kitty 9 years ago from Southern California

      If you consider 'The Fart Party' good art and a good read, then no you will not like anything on my list.

      Although I highly suggest those online stick man comics for you. Easy to read, and your kind of "art" . I bet you can even get a classy art print for your bathroom.

    • profile image

      Nancy Drew 9 years ago

      Wow, were you ever wrong. I found your top 10 list and got really excited because I hadn't heard of any thing except Lenore (which I would never read because it's shit). But aside from Lenore I thought you might have some taste. WRONG!

      I bought all of the rest of the books on your list.

      Plain Janes was great if your under 12 years old.

      Kissing Chaos' art was soooo bad I couldn't even finish it, along with the fact that they used scripty font. WTF!

      The Ballad blah, blah, blah. I bought issue #1 and #2. Terrible art, how do these people get published.

      Egg Story I'll keep to give to my children...crap.

      And as for everything else... you're an idiot.

      Have you never heard of Julia Wertz or Pheobe Glockner. Pick one up, you might learn something about comics.

    • dreamscaper profile image

      dreamscaper 9 years ago from Vancouver, BC, Canada

      Nice insights.

      I for one am glad that the idea of women feeling comfortable buying and reading comics has moved beyond the concept of ' Isn't that neat? A GIRL reading comics ", to the view that it is fine for ANYONE to be reading comics.

      If you ever get the chance to check it out, you might want to add "Castle Waiting", by Linda Medley to your list.

    • Gregorythompson profile image

      Gregorythompson 9 years ago from Illinois

      I admit that when I hear "comic books" I think of those mainstream superheros. Good hub!