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Writing Prompts

Updated on April 4, 2020

First off, thank you for visiting my hub of writing prompts. I hope you'll be able to use something here for inspiration. If you do, PLEASE let me know. I'd love to know that I've helped you!

Finding the right topic can be quite time consuming and very overwhelming, sometimes. I'm sure you can agree with that. And then there are those darned keywords - the words that help with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization (how people find your article on the internet.))

Maybe these Writing Prompts will Help!

Two for the price of one! (And one is free, so you do the math.) That's right, within each of the writing prompts that I've provided here, I've included a keyword phrase that could help with your search engine optimization efforts.

Linking to this Page

Oh yes, please do! And feel free to share it with your fellow facebook-ers and tweeters, too! If any of your friends need writing prompts (students too), this page could help!

Each of the category links below will take you to the appropriate section of this hub.
Each of the category links below will take you to the appropriate section of this hub.

25 Writing Prompts about Arts & Design

Ideas for your next and future hub(s).

  1. The history of the art, Origami.
  2. Where to buy wedding invitations online.
  3. Your personal guide to knitting.
  4. Free embroidery designs for everyone.
  5. How to find affordable wedding favors.
  6. A review of local art institutes.
  7. How can an arts degree be beneficial to an artist?
  8. What do you know about interior design?
  9. How to apply and get arts grants.
  10. An interview with your local arts council.
  11. A guided trip to your local or a famous museum.
  12. Your interest and experience in culinary art.
  13. How to attain appropriate arts & crafts lighting.
  14. A teachers guide to summer camp crafts.
  15. How camp crafts can be fun for outside of camp, too.
  16. Craft supplies on sale.
  17. Top 10 Art & Craft hubs, in your opinion.
  18. Five best online stores to buy an art supply.
  19. The art of creating activities for toddlers to teens.
  20. How to make your own wedding decorations.
  21. An Ultimate Guide to Flower Arranging.
  22. Weaving straw into gold. (Just checking.) Actually, the art of basket weaving could be a terrific hub.
  23. What Christmas crafts to make at home.
  24. Saving money with making your own card crafts.
  25. Best craft kits for kids.

Write about Autos, based on these 10 prompts

  1. Vehicle financing is an option for those that cannot afford a new (or used) car.
  2. Additional warranties may be available than just standard factory warranties.
  3. Has a previous vehicle been an outright lemon? Right about car reviews.
  4. Is Toyota currently a leader in auto safety innovation?
  5. Cadillac dealerships in your area might need a little write-up by you. It wouldn't hurt to call them and offer a free article, would it?
  6. Want to sell your GMC? Write an article (or hub) about it.
  7. What are the lemon laws in your area?
  8. Every driver needs car insurance. But what type of insurance? Where should they get car insurance from? Do you have experience selling car insurance? Write about it!
  9. We've all seen antenna toppers. Maybe you could sell some if you'd only write a hub or article about the ones you find on the internet.
  10. Saturn isn't just a planet, it's a brand of car. Do you own a Saturn? Write about your experiences with your Saturn.

Books, Literature and Writing Writing Prompts

  1. What do you know about Jewish Literature? Can you provide valuable insight? Of course! Remember: "A little information can go a long way"... I have absolutely no idea who said that.
  2. Perhaps you could share with the world your own Epic Poetry. Didn't know that you could be an Epic Poet? I guess you won't know until you try.
  3. Creative writing styles vary per person. Whatever your style may be, show off just how creative your writing can be!
  4. Ever wonder if technology and writing can be meshed well? Yup. Thousands of writers produce articles technology based articles, and you can too!
  5. Once you have a fan club, newsletters may be a neat way of sending out your past, current and future goings-on.
  6. Are you a published writer? New writers happen by HubPages daily. A How to Get Published or Getting Published -type hub or article would provide valuable reading material for each potential.
  7. Editing can be quite the daunting task. A How to Edit hub by you could be nice.
  8. What is an elegy? Feel free to write one or ten of them.
  9. Do you know of a bunch of ghostwriters for hire? Share your knowledge.
  10. Read a lot of books? Write reviews about every single book that you've read. Sell a copy of it to your audience via Amazon, or ebay at HubPages.

Business and Employment Prompts for Writing

  1. Direct mail advertising: Is it a cost effective form of advertising, these days?
  2. How to use Google Adwords to improve your website's business.
  3. What have you found to be the best online advertising methods?
  4. Is outsourcing jobs for your company the best route to take with a start-up?
  5. Which affiliate marketing programs have you found to have the best payouts for your writing genre(s)?
  6. Are domain names really that important with marketing?
  7. How to get merchant accounts online.
  8. Which web hosting services at which web hosting companies have you found to give the best bang for your buck?
  9. How did you start your web business?
  10. Can a business get discounted auto insurance?
  11. What is the best way to handle claim management?
  12. Is online training the right way to go if you're thinking of starting a new business venture?
  13. What drawbacks have you found with e-mail marketing?
  14. Is the pay-per-click revenue model better than the pay-per-impressions?
  15. What exactly is viral marketing?
  16. Best marketing methods for small businesses.
  17. How to use web analytics to improve conversions.
  18. Where to get the best business ideas that will increase profits.
  19. How to write effective and realistic business plans.
  20. Finance advice for start-up companies.
  21. Do you have a blog about technology and innovation? Create one.
  22. How to get investments from banks, family or friends.
  23. Which stocks do you think will be on the rise next week?
  24. Where can you find free information management software?
  25. How to develop effective presentations for your clients.

Education and Science Prompts for Writing

  1. Are eclipses dangerous? Are they fun to watch? Can an eclipse bring about evolution to a species? Tell us.
  2. What are some interesting facts about Earth?
  3. Where can you find the most powerful home telescopes?
  4. Yes, Saturn is a planet too; not just a car. Tell your readers about the history of Saturn (the planet.)
  5. Were you a chemistry major? Yes? Great! What is Chromatography? How about Spectroscopy?
  6. Speaking of college, can you tell us where to find the best college online, in your opinion?
  7. Backing up a little bit to Elementary and Secondary Education, why do administrators think that it is alright to cut budgets for art in the schools?
  8. Do you know of some excellent sites that offer homework help? Help parents out by writing about them.
  9. Foreign Languages such as Arabic and Mandarin Chinese can be difficult (for some) to learn. Did you know that if you're proficient enough, you could write a series of hubs about a foreign language for native English speakers?
  10. Do you have a law degree? There are tons of internet readers that seek help with law. You could easily offer them free advice and potentially earn royalties on your writing at HubPages. Go for it!
  11. Cosmetic Dentistry can deliver that "perfect smile" for those that seek it. Do you know the pros/cons for cosmetic dentistry?
  12. Are you a Doctor, or Nurse? Are you trained to teach CPR or First Aid? Wouldn't it be terrific if you would share your training with others? YES!
  13. Back in Physics class, do you remember using the Electron Microscope? It was fun seeing the amoeba floating around in the little dish, huh? Tell us about it.
  14. Would it behoove someone to get a degree in Forensic Psychology? How rewarding could it be for that person?
  15. Is homeschooling a good option for the stay-at-home parent without a degree? Tell the world your opinion about the subject.
  16. Are you an Art History Buff? So are a great deal of others. Share your knowledge about sculpture, paintings and other arts-related educational information with your fellow Art Buffs!
  17. Tell us everything about how you got your Legal Education! What schools did you attend? What were your favorite classes, and why? How many degrees do you have? Can your legal knowledge be beneficial to others that aren't your clients?
  18. Who was Aristotle?
  19. What is Empiricism?
  20. What is the Hindu Philosophy?
  21. Do you know what rationalism is?
  22. Put together a list of 25 Educational Online Resources.
  23. What life experience do you have that could help others?
  24. Are there benefits to being a part of a particular social group?
  25. Is Earth on the brink of destruction?

25 Entertainment and Media Writing Prompts

  1. What are the similarities of and differences between anime and cartoons?
  2. How to write a screenplay and benefit from royalties.
  3. Jokes: Is writing for writers one of the biggest payout jokes out there? :)
  4. How to get into independent film production and what are the pros/cons?
  5. Is blues music a viable style for an up and coming professional musician? Why?
  6. What is the history of hip-hop?
  7. What is busking and how is it entertainment-related?
  8. Theatre (theater) is a long-time winner (in my book) of high-quality entertainment. What do you think of the local theatres (theaters) near you?
  9. Is singing opera a good thing for pop singers?
  10. Can you write an essay with just photos? How?
  11. Marching Bands were popular back in the day. With budget cuts, are they eventually going to be eliminated from all public school arts programs?
  12. How to make your own entertaining shortwave radio program.
  13. What is the history and future of radio?
  14. How to create photo galleries on HubPages.
  15. What are the current popular television shows in your area?
  16. Is it dangerous to practice acrobatics without proper training? Why?
  17. How to entertain your crowd at your next magic act.
  18. Is juggling one of the best hand-to-eye coordination exercises?
  19. What are the purposes of vinyl records in today's marketplace?
  20. How to sample sounds for home recording.
  21. How to write pop lyrics.
  22. Is it legal to use soundtracks on a website without getting prior approval?
  23. Where can you go out and just dance in your town/city?
  24. What are the best classic movies, in your opinion?
  25. Entertainment Icons: Are they really just a fad?

10 Family and Parenting Prompts for Writing

  1. Have you gone through an adoption? Do you know to find the right adoption agencies and/or adoption attorneys? What adoption expenses do you encounter when things are/aren't in the right order?
  2. Do you have your own, homemade infant formula? Is it better than all of the store bought ones? Care to share your recipe?
  3. Cribs and bassinets are must-haves for all parents nowadays. Find some at Amazon and ebay and write about them.
  4. Sometimes children's allergies are the worst, huh? Do you know of some great homeopathic remedies?
  5. Children and cleaning.
  6. Door-to-door vacuum sales may have worked for some, back in the day. However your hub today could potentially send your online vacuum sales business over the top!
  7. Write a review of the day cares in your area.
  8. What are the long-term and short-term benefits of children and teens being sent away to boarding schools?
  9. Have you ever been involved with a foster care system? Tell us about your experiences.
  10. What are the differences between Au Pairs and Nannies?

Fashion and Beauty Prompts for Writing

  1. Fashion faux pas or fantastically fashionable: faux fox furs?
  2. Hypoallergenic soaps and body washes.
  3. Tattoos: taboo or for you?
  4. Vintage clothing: creating new looks with old clothes.
  5. What is the proper way to care for body piercings?
  6. Fashion accessories for the not-so faint at heart.
  7. Are hair extensions considered to be "your" hair?
  8. What are they different styles of braiding hair?
  9. What are the similarities/differences in knock-off handbags and name brand bags?
  10. Jewelry for the navel, for the face and for the (close your eyes/ears) other place(s.)
  11. When is it alright to use lipstick as blush?
  12. Lipstick, Lip stain or lip tattooing?
  13. Where to find organic breath fresheners: mouthwashes, candies and gums.
  14. Is teeth whitening really safe?
  15. Perfume or cologne? Which is right for when and for whom?
  16. Where on your body should hairs be shaven, waxed, or chemically removed?
  17. Are there natural eczema treatments?
  18. Vegan fashion: is there really such a thing?
  19. What are the best on-the-go sanitary products?
  20. Are there any good substitutions for contact cleaning, when you're out of contact cleaner?
  21. Upcoming fashion shows in your region.
  22. When is it okay to wear sneakers with a suit, or is it ever?
  23. Where to buy tights when on an even tighter budget.
  24. Hair products: Which product to use for what style/look?
  25. Where to find inexpensive engagement rings that don't look cheap.

More Fashion and Beauty

Create a Hub in the Fashion and Beauty category.

And now it's brainstorming time...

This is where you get to share your ideas about the following topics, hoping to ignite some terrific writer's spark!



So, I'm gonna write a brief closing now...

That about does it, does it. This is the end of this hub. I hope you like it, bookmark it and share it with all of your friends! Please give me a "VOTE UP" below.

May all of your future hubs and articles be filled with words and success!

Oh, AND let me give credit where credit is due. This hub would not be possible without the extensive list of categories at HubPages. Thanks, HubPages!

Thanks for reading!

So, get to it - write now!


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