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Trintik and his New Year Resolutions- The dream comes true with Water Life cycle

Updated on January 28, 2013
Tik Tribe
Tik Tribe | Source

The Tik and the Tik's

Long time ago, when the mankind was divided into small and unique tribes, there used to exist the Tik tribe which had the Chief head as Trintik.

Trintik became the head of the Tik tribe at a very young age of 26, when his Father Frintik passed away, after he failed to keep the ancient tradition of making New year Resolutions and fulfilling it consecutively for ten times. Frintik though did well then his Five earlier chiefs by completing Nine consecutive resolutions. He Just failed on the last one where he wanted to bring adequate water source for his tribe but failed miserably as that year the tribe faced the worst draught in the past 50 years. Heartbroken and failed to complete the tradition of completing ten consecutive New Year Resolutions, he smilingly took away his life.

The Tik tribe was bound by the tradition where the tribe chief has to swear in one New Year Resolution every year and fulfill it with honesty, each year, for ten consecutive years. Failing which they had to themselves take their lives and hope to do better in their next incarnation.

Trintik grew up as a smart and honest kid and was pretty mature for his age. Though he saw his father and past five chiefs fail and killing themselves, after not able to fulfill ten Resolutions, he grittily took over the position as new chief of the tribe and he did swear oneself to fulfill his Father's last uncompleted resolution, of getting adequate water to the tribe.

Sun Rays
Sun Rays | Source

The night before Trintik's First Resolution

Trintik was aware that night, that with the Golden Rays of Sun spreading brightness in the morning, his fate will be decided with the first resolution he makes and the Nine others he makes over the years thereafter.

He knew that all his resolutions should be towards betterment of the tribe and benefit the tribe people. The tribe had peace, tranquility, hardworking and loving people, only thing that was missing was a good adequate source of water. The tribe people for the past 50 years had a dedicated Watertik group of men who were mainly focused on moving far-lands and get water for their fellow tribe people. There Job was painful and most of the times disheartening when they failed to get water on almost half of the occasions.

So, Trintik decided that all his resolutions will serve as building blocks towards making sure that with his tenth and last resolution he gets the precious water in abundance for his tribe. He thought hard again and again the whole night and kept thinking what can bring water to his tribe and what can become the source of water. Nature that provides river and rains, was his answer but he knew he can't create rains or river on his own. It was almost 60 years that the river passing by their tribe had dried off and there were no signs of Rain, the tribe people even forgot the delight of rain and how it felt like.

Plant trees
Plant trees

The Rise of the Sun - Trintik's Resolution day

Trintik gets ready and raises above and moves towards the stage to make his first resolution. The tribe people look at him with curiosity as he raises his hand and places above the purified fire to swear in his first new year resolution:

' I Trintik the leader, chief of the Tik tribe, take my first resolution to plant Two thousand trees this year' and he looks back, with belief in his eyes, towards his tribe people.

The tribe people murmur among themselves on hearing such a strange resolution and keep pondering over that how it might benefit them at all.

One year passes by and Trintik successfully plants two thousand trees all over the tribe ground.

To all tribe peoples surprise, Trintik takes the same resolution for another four consecutive years and gets ten thousand trees planted, and gets them nourished by watering and taking care of them with the help of Watertik group.

Seeing all these, the tribe people start losing hope on Trintik, but believing on his smartness and honesty, still there were five more years to go and he might do some wonder soon.

Dig reservoir
Dig reservoir
Water filter
Water filter

The Countdown after the halfway mark

The sixth year, as Trintik again raises his hand above to take oath, to peoples surprise, instead of planting more trees he swears in to dig and create a huge pond shaped reservoir on the other side of the tribe, opposite to the end where all the trees were planted.

He forms a group of hardworking people and get it done by the end of the sixth year. Toiled hard the tribe people were unable to understand where Trintik was going with his resolutions and what he wanted to achieve.

The seventh year, Trintik again swears in and builds a slope on the sides of the reservoir and gets also a path built on the corners so that people can walk and reach on to the reservoir banks.

The eighth year he swears in again and gets a small water storage mud tank built across all tribe homes.

And, the ninth year, Trintik swears in and builds in a natural water filter, with the help of strong tree leaves bags (supported on outer area by animal cloth) hung over all the storage areas. The bag filled up to 10% with charcoal and 10% pebbles on top of it and 30 % sand on top of it and the remaining 50% empty to pour in water. At the end of the bag was a tiny passage for the water to pour out back into the storage tanks.

After nine long years, the trees grown strong and big with leaves, Trintik swears in to get adequate supply of water for tribe people for their rest of the lives.

Hearing the last resolution, all tribe people think that it was the year that will mark the end of Trintik as they had the least hope of seeing water in abundance.

rain | Source

The Tenth Year - Trintik's Tryst with Destiny

Ten months passed by but there were no signs of water. Trintik also starts thinking whether all he did over the past nine years went in vain. He walks around the trees and soon a smile appears on his face when he finds moisture over the leaves.

The tribe people get curious seeing Trintik smile and think that perhaps seeing his end near, he is smiling.

One fine morning, during the 12th month, Trintik gets up to a huge cheerful roar of the tribe people, he hastily moves out and sees heavy rains and the water flowing and getting collected in the reservoir. That day more than the rain, smile on each and every face of his tribe people delighted Trintik like the joy of a newborn after being cuddled.

It continued to rain for almost 7 days after which the reservoir was filled with water. Then trintik instructed all his tribe member to take water from reservoir and pour it onto the filter bags for collection onto each and every storage units. The filter worked perfectly and each and every tribe member had adequate amount of water to drink and make use of.

Water Life Cycle
Water Life Cycle

Tik tribe thereon...

The water cycle now started repeating and Trintik's and the Tik tribes dream came true, now they had no need to have Watertik group to go miles in search of water, they had enough water to use and share with other tribes.

Trintik achieved his dream with smartness and hardwork, by inventing the water cycle:

Evaporation of water from plants, condensation in atmosphere, precipitation resulting in rain and again collecting it back in reservoir.

So the moral of the story is, water is a integral part of our lives and day to day activity. No one can survive without water, so it is each and every individuals responsibility to plant as many trees as possible and nourish them, to give a greener and prettier planet back to our generations and generations there after.

"Copyright -Anand @2013"


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