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Two Drops of Sunshine

Updated on April 5, 2012

The Thought Behind "Two Drops of Sunshine"

No matter how depressed or bogged down one becomes in life and gives up all hopes in most practical situations, there's always a soundless cry that comes from a corner of the heart that gives a a thump of positivity and optimism and allows the otherwise beleaguered eyes to look beyond the darkness. This is the underlying thought of this piece, hoping for hope, life and "Two Drops of Sunshine".

Two Drops of Sunshine

I’m yet hopeful, I’m still trying to raise my eyes

I was never out but down for too long a demise

I have prayed forgiveness and soul-enrichment

I have only hoped for honest joy to compliment

I tried to get out of the darkness I was trapped in

I had made infinite attempts to wash off all sin

I still stand awaiting lights to light up my darkness

I still beg for God’s pardon that holds my harness

Give me the moments that I had longed forever

Give me the Summer that I have lost in labor

I look above and around in anticipation amongst brine

And gaze for sweetness and Two Drops of Sunshine


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