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Un-Orderly, Orderly Night

Updated on August 9, 2013

Last night I placed an order:

Bun, hamburger, lettuce, tomato, and onions was the recipe.

“Orders Up” rang through the kitchen.

Cha-Ching sounded, an onslaught of rain

As the door flings open by the sweeping wind,

While the moon erodes darkness this night.

Another order was placed last night:

Wind, rain, low pressure prepared this order

Sheets bellowed down, supported by the wind

A bracing recipe,

Dissecting through me, slicing me by the crying rain;

The world its kitchen.

Grinding through this flagrant kitchen,

Piercing through the echoing rain,

Grabbing a book to read this night

The New World Order:

English Civil War, New Model Army, young King Charles II and powerful Holekhors was this book’s recipe.

Ben Jeapes prepared this recipe for order.

I placed another order in the mathematical wind:

Integers, logic, equations, formulas and more stirred in the kitchen.

Einstein’s E = MC^2, a tasty recipe.

Me, an astronomer of night

Filling theories with order

As the asteroids rain.

Still hungry, another order; 3 of the 4 piece nuggets, a large fry, a large root beer with a side of shake and hold the rain.

Digesting this meal like swallowing the wind

An inexactitude of eating order

As more ringing rings through the kitchen

Moon corrodes the clouds later this night

A natural recipe.

Another order, another recipe

Tomorrow a fallacy of rain,

Hoping to slither through night

But I, pray for wind

To place an order in the worldly kitchen.

Sunshine, may I order?

As the moon erodes darkness this night.

I placed an order of rain and wind in the kitchen last night, an unlikely recipe.


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