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Uncle Slender.5

Updated on November 21, 2013

Jeremy laid down still for what seemed like eternity, later he was carried out from the dining room and taken to another room. He didn’t know how long he has been there but he woke up and realized that the bed he was lying on was made of gold, the foam was tender and soft, and he looked around and saw framed pictures of his family hanging on the wall.

Shortly after he woke up, he heard two voice speaking

-What should we do with him?
-Allow him more time to rest, he will get used to everything
-What happens if he doesn’t?
-Most of you came here the same way and all of you adopted so he will not be different
-What about the sister?
-She will find her way

Jeremy could not understand the situation but although he was in an unknown place, although he was scared, although everything was strange, he was sure of one thing, he needed to leave the place. There was nothing that will make him stay with an uncle who has no face and the worst of all, organ eaters.

He tried to open the door but it was locked, he noticed the golden telephone on the rare end of the bed so he decided to dial 911. He did

-Hello Nephew, how are you? I knew that you will wake on time, don’t be scared, I am your uncle Slander and I am coming to you right away.

Jeremy hanged the phone and made up his mind that he would leave the place. He was thinking of the possibility when the room door opened and Jeff walked in with Uncle Slender. He didn’t allow them space to speak but kept screaming on top of his voice for them to let him go. He yelled like a mad person.

-I dooooo…n…..t………..y ……..h…ere…..aaaaaaaaaaaaa...........................................

The more he yelled, the more strength he felt inside him but Jeff wasn’t taking that so he tried to calm him down but Jeremy asked him not to lay his hands on him. Jeff walked closer to him and tried to drag him down from the bed because he was standing on the foam, he refused and resisted Jeff, and they wrestled each other while Uncle Slender stood watching.

Jeremy threw Jeff to the foam; Pin fall style and locked his head, he realized that he had won so he freed himself from Jeff and got out from the bed but Uncle Slender blocked the door, Jeremy looked around and the only place he could leave from was through the wide window so with no second thought, he jumped out from the window.

He didn’t know where he would land but he knew that he would be safe. He landed safely on the backyard of the mansion, then looked up and realized that he had jumped from what seemed like sixth floor. He saw his uncle watching him from the same window he had jumped from.

-Where do you think you are going? A voice asked him

He looked around but saw no one then the voice spoke again

-You don’t even know where you are, how do you think that you can possible leave here without a guide?

Jeremy found himself talking

-I want to go home, I want to go back to my family, I don’t want to stay here, this is not where I belong, I don’t know about this my strange Uncle, I hate it here from the day this journey began, I lost my sister in the process, please let me go

The voice didn’t respond then Jeremy looked forward and saw Jeff running towards him with a rope, he knew instantly that the rope was to tie him then from behind were the Pilot and his mate; they were still wearing the same uniform. Instantly, Jeremy decided to fight if it required fighting. Jeff was the first to get close to him and tried to trap him with the rope.

He tried to defend himself with his hands but they would not move any more, then Jeff got closer to him but as he tried to throw the rope onto his neck, Jeremy kicked him on the face, how he did it, he didn’t knew, he has never fought anyone in his life and right there, he was about to fight three people. The Pilot and Hostess tried to grab him and the struggle to escape began.

It wasn’t an easy fight, the kind of fight you see in Karate films, kick boxing each opponent with all the strength in him and after about an hour, Jeremy was the only one standing, he saw the damage he did to Jeff, he broke his head with bare hands, the hostess was lying naked, he had torn her cloths while the Pilot was lying dead. He got confused because he didn’t know when all that happened, all he knew was that they engaged him in a fight.

He turned around and saw three men on black regalia walking slow motioned towards him, at once he knew what to do. He began to run, he ran towards the front and saw his uncle standing with what seemed like a security guard, they were actually talking about him, the security guard began running after him, he recognized the path that led into the Island so he diverted towards it and all of a sudden both the grasses and trees began transforming into creatures.

Jeremy fell to the ground; there was no escape from a million creatures with dangerous teeth. He thought.

He realized that he was lifted up and was being carried back to the Island, he didn’t know what to do but he heard a tiny voice, it was a familiar voice and the voice said something like sunshine. Jeremy remained still for a while before making a move, he fart and immediately he was dropped to the ground. He quickly got up and decided to fight and die so he began kicking the creatures until he could kick no more but before he got tired, he realized that none of them was standing.

A song began to hit him right inside his head, his brains began to process the song and he recognized the voice...

You Are My Sunshine
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away

The other night, dear,
As I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms.
When I awoke, dear,
I was mistaken
And I hung my head and cried.

It was his Father's voice but he could not see him then he began to run, it took him just two minutes to get to the plane so he jumped into it, it was a bigger plane, he was taking lessons to fly a plane but not this type, he didn’t know what to do but he knew that he needed to get out from there so he switched on the engine with the little knowledge he had and the plane was on the air.

He didn’t know where to land but inside his mind, he knew that he will go for Jessica, he knew that he needed to help his sister so after about an hour flying, he realized that the plane was short of fuel and he was right in the middle of a river. Before he could figure out anything, the plane was already descending down into the river. He looked for a parachute but there was none so he decided to simply land the plane in the river.

There were families of dolphins in the river, Jeremy loved Dolphins, he smiled and jumped into the river then began to swim, he swan for about an hour before he reached land. Right from there, he decided to go for Jessica but he couldn’t remember which train station so he said a short prayer and begged God to direct him, he felt a touch on his head so he opened his eyes, though he didn't clearly saw who touched him but he knew that it was his Father. He was singing...

...You are my sunshine,
My only sunshine.
You make me happy
When skies are grey.
You'll never know, dear,
How much I love you.
Please don't take my sunshine away....

Doctors could not believe it when he opened his eyes.

Jeremy was involved in a fatal air plane accident, he was flying with his Uncle who was his instructor when the accident occurred, it was his fault. His Uncle died during the crash but he survived and was rushed to a hospital where he was placed on medically induced coma while doctors inserted a bolt in his skull to reduce the swelling of his brain.He has been in coma for six months. One of the Doctors said that his head injury was the worst sort he had seen for the thirty five years he has practiced medicine.

Jeremy stormed the Doctors when he woke up, they never believed that he would and at one point, they advised his parents to turn off the life support system so to free him from pain but his sister refused when their Parents agreed to do that, she begged them to keep him until her birthday so she could give him a piece of cake, she was only four years old, the last time she visited him, she placed her hand on his injured skull and sang his favorite song, You are my Sunshine.

Their Dad visited him that day he woke from coma, it was a night before Jessica’s birthday. He wept as he laid his hand on his head and sang the song his sister used to sing for him. Jeremy later told his family about Uncle Slender.

According to the Doctors, he's been quite lucky and he's a fighter


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