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Under the Same Sky

Updated on May 6, 2017

We are all under the sky

Under the same sun we’re dry

Is it safe to assume we are together?

Or my thought is funny that is brings you laughter?

We all miss somebody

A parent, a sibling or your lady

Waiting to see them again

Impatient to know when

If you’re longing for somebody’s presence

Stand up and go outside of your fence

Look up and appreciate the sky

We’re all under it even we don’t see each other by eye

It is not easy that you cannot see a love one

The hardship you felt is witnessed by the sun

Yearning for their touch

You miss them very much

But don’t be sad that you are apart

At least you have them in your heart

You will never be apart because we are together

Under one same sky and you’ll see each other later

The bond between the two of you

Is never fake and proven true

This is what makes distance nothing

So even apart, things won’t be changing

Sky is vast

Like your future and past

Past that you’ll hold forever

Future that you’ll advance to together

So cheer up and don’t be lonely

For you are not alone, definitely!

There are times that physically we have to be alone

Accepting this truth about life is a proof that you’ve grown

But for now the only thing you can do

Is to look upon you

And feel that you are together

Under one sky created by the father


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    • Missing Wanderer profile image

      Arjay 12 months ago from Philippines

      Blessings to you as well. Yes let's not forget the sacrifices he made. Let's not forget our Father. :)

    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 12 months ago from United States

      I liked your last line, especially, my friend. We are all under one Father. Many blessings on this Easter day. whonu