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Unnoticed: Part II

Updated on October 12, 2012

What? He knew what happened to them? Was he taunting me? I kept holding back tears as strongly as I could. I sniffled a little. Finally I responded with a nodded yes.

He grinned and stood up. He smoothly leaned in front of me. His eyes met mine. There was something familiar about those eyes. I couldn't figure them out but I know I’ve seen them before.

Softly he spoke, “I killed them.”

No. My parents weren’t murdered. Please no. I started to cry even more than before. I kept shaking my head in disbelief. I told myself no over and over again. They could not be dead. Despite the fact they went missing a year ago, there was little hope inside me that still believed they were alive.

“Shhh… It’s okay,” he said. How could it be okay? This sarcastic asshole pissed me off.

“Calm down my dear Francine.”

My dear Francine?

“I’ll tell you everything.” He started to walk around me. I wanted to punch him. Choke him. Kill him.

“On February 7 of last year I followed your lovely parents. It was their 30th wedding anniversary. They strolled through Central Park, went to a movie, then ended their night with a romantic dinner.” He caressed my cheek. I moved my face away. “After dinner they went to their car as any normal person would do of course. That’s when I took them. I used nothing more then chloroform and a handkerchief on the both of them.”

He was lying. He had to be lying.

“I even had the courtesy to drive their car back home. I put them in my van and delt with them after they became conscious again. I won’t go into detail about that though. I’ll spare you some excruciating detail.”

“How could you?” I asked under my breath.

“Excuse me?” He looked down at me.

“How the hell could you do that?” I raised my voice. He went back to the table. I knew I was going to get hurt for speaking but I didn’t care at that moment.

“Aye Francine. You were always a difficult one.” He grabbed the box cutter and walked back to me.

“You have to be the most heartless person on the face of this planet.” He seductively cut off all the buttons that were on my white blouse. With the tip of the box cutter he gently moved my blouse to both of my sides. “Stop.” He pointed the sharp tip of the box cutter in the middle of my chest. “Stop! I just don’t understand why-“ He slowly and deeply ran the razor blade in an “x” shape between my breast. I tried to nudge him as hard as I could off of me but all that was doing was causing even more pain. “Argh! Stop it please!” I screamed out of pure agony. I screamed and screamed some more. What took him maybe fifteen seconds to do felt like minutes upon minutes of excruciating torment. “Stop it you fucking asshole,” I demanded.

Once he completed marking the “x” on the spot of his choice, he licked where my fresh blood was located on the box cutter. I wept loudly. I wanted the pain to go away. Then I could hear him opening the lid of the glass bottle

“No. Please no. What are you going to do now?” The harsh cut was hurtful enough. “Please! I’ll shut up.” This time he paced back to me. “I’ll shut up damnit!” He rammed the open portion of the bottle right on to my new cut. With his other hand, he lit the lighter. “Stop it!” He burned the bottom of the bottle causing the parade of insects to burrow inside my wound. He kept ramming the glass bottle into me. “Ahhh! Fuck you!” They wanted to escape inside my body. They were trying to bite their way through me, making a circle right smack in the middle of the “x”. “Quit it!” He kept the boinferno fire. It feltl like millions of pins were being stabbed into me all at once. “Ahhh!”

Finally, he moved the bottle away from me packing up the remaining alive critters. I screamed the loudest I ever had in my entire life. That was the worse physical pain I’d ever felt. Never in a million years, I thought that would happen to me.

After sealing the lid back on, he sat in front of me again. Snot and saliva were showering out of my nose and mouth. Sweat caused my blonde hair to be messed up all over my face. It even covered my eyes.

“I wasn’t done with my god damn story Francine,” he said intensely. This time he grabbed a handful of hair and pulled my head back as far as he could. “That was only half of the story.” He was now half an inch in front of my face. He pulled my head back some more. “Now just shut the fuck up and let me finish okay?” He nodded my head yes for me then roughly let go. He stretched out his arms and popped his neck as if he were the one that was out of breath.

“Now, believe me when I say I never wanted to kill your parents. They’re sweet but it’s my job.”

His job is killing people?

“Someone you and I know paid me a good amount of nice, cold hard cash to kill your parents. I couldn’t say no of course. Especially since he is one of the few that know what I do for a living.

He? This person is a him? Who would pay some lunatic money to kill my mom and dad? And who would be so stupid to take the job? I reminded myself about those eyes. Who is this man? He knows me. I have a feeling he knows me very well. Also, I feel like I know him.

“Oh and one more thing; the person who paid me to get rid of your parents also paid me to get rid of you.”

What the hell is he talking about damnit? I thought. Just tell me already.

"He also wants you to know who he is exactly. You must know his identity before you die tonight. This night that would’ve been your parent’s thirty-first anniversary.”


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