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Until The Grave

Updated on May 30, 2013

The wealth you have

Enjoy with another

The money you have

Enjoy with another

The luxuries you have

Enjoy with another

I am only asking you for a piece of your heart

To mend my broken heart

My heart is still married to yours

I chose to share this life with you

Yet situations couldn’t allow

I find I cannot bring myself to love someone new

And even to start a new life

It may sound funny but it’s true

I just cannot get you off my mind

I quietly live my life faithfully for you

Just for you

Keep my heart only for you

Would you mind?

If I still loved you from a distance until the grave?


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    • Nancy Uruaka profile image

      Nancy Karoia Uruaka 4 years ago from Papua New Guinea

      Some are very strong to put a complete end and move on with new life but others cannot. I believe there is a reward awaiting in heaven for those who endure the pain and have settled their hearts not to let go off their first love.