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"Until Today" By Iyanla Vanzant Book Review

Updated on March 22, 2017

Daily inspirations

This book is a daily inspirations book for people that need a little encouragement or guidance. You can choose to read it daily or you can read it continually like a normal read. Sometimes I like to read one page and keep going on to the other dates. The book starts in the month of January and ends in December. The months are labeled with topics such as love and life. So if you need one inspiration in particular you can reference that month. All the pages are filled with I can and I will statements that help guide you. They are very uplifting and also motivating, the passages help motivate you and not beat yourself up about certain situations. I find that after reading I'm more at ease and more forgiving. Also, I find I have more patience with others as well as myself. Some of her writing really makes you think and can be a lot to digest in one sitting. This is why it is set up for daily inspirations. Everyday we have the power to start over and forgive ourselves or someone else, love harder,and be greater. Each day is a gift and should treasure it along with every moment.


I will be sharing a few excerpts from the book that helped me and warmed my heart. Love is in the month of February chapter. It's perfectly placed considering we celebrate the Valentine's Day in this month. I really love this chapter because it taught me that I was not really loving at all, merely controlling and manipulating people.However, at my very core I know love is there i just have to learn to lead with it. "Love is simple you simply give love or you don't! "You simply know love and share love or you don't! " You simply are love without demands and expectations or you will continue to fall into traps and hurt yourself because you fail to acknowledge yourself as the love you keep trying to get right."(Vanzant) This passage speaks volumes it a true representation of what love should be. I love her for the raw honesty she invokes in every message. There is wonderful messages throughout her book. Iyanla teaches you how to navigate through life without putting pressure and stress on yourself. There is healing and learning throughout the book as well.

The book cover



March is the chapter for awareness. In this chapter wants you embrace change and not insist it from others. "Do not insist that people be who you want them to be" " Do not insist that you are someone you are not." (Vanzant) In other words accept others and yourself as they are and as you are. Whatever flaws comes along with that person that's it, just accept them for whom they are. You shouldnt try and change people because people only tend to change when they are ready ,yet we still try and change them anyways. Iyanla's message urges you to simply stop live and let live. The book gives you a peace of mind, it's soothing to know we are on the right path. It's liberating to just relax and be where ever you are in life. Life will happen in the order and sequence it's suppose to. As I read the book I try to apply all the positivity to my life. One of the positive messages I gained from this chapter is this ; just for today, accept that there is a place in you where you are just fine." (Vanzant) Thank You Iyanla for that truly inspiring message.

Photo of Author


The Author my POV

I have been following Iyanla Vanzant since "the starting over house" which was a daytime television show. Every episode was jammed packed with healing and purging. There was always a few people resistant to the process but in the end they came around. It was emotional to watch people go through their healing,but I felt I healed with them. Some people were recovering from past experiences and some were trying to navigate through daily life, dealing with normal tasks such as maintaining finances. Iyanla was a life coach on this show and that is where I first discovered this magnificent woman. The love she showed the guests is the same love you can feel from her writing. Anytime you encounter Iyanla in a interview she will tell you she has been in all kinds of situations, some not so healthy. She was able to "do the work" and now "you will have to do the work too" That saying is one you will hear her say on her show "Iyanla fix my life" The show broadcasts on the OWN channel and has been in rotation since 2012. I also enjoy watching her on this show as well. Moreover, she has written several other books that can be found on amazon or in Barnes and Nobles. I hope to one day be a great inspiration to people like her. I like to think of her as my fairy god mother or auntie in my head. She always knows exactly what to say and when to say it. I also follow her on Facebook as well as youtube.


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