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Vegas Street Poetry Vol.1

Updated on March 7, 2013

Poetry lives and breathes on these Las Vegas streets. My only companions are my camera and my journal. With open eyes and an open mind, i already know that things are about to get a bit more interesting.

It seems a bit cliché, but i felt it was the warmest Vegas welcome out there.
It seems a bit cliché, but i felt it was the warmest Vegas welcome out there. | Source

Nightlife Poet

Waiting resemblance

Lighting the wrong end of the cigarette

Concerning aroma

Thick women in nylons

Drifter circus

A drag of recess

The rattle of beads and jewelry

Barren thoughts

The sky got caught in God’s zipper

Opium crutches

A warm welcome to cupid

A morbid salesman

Alarming touch

Ballad of fingertips

Wish you were here

In isolation

Music drips out of the speakers

The sun won’t set

Viva la Sin City

Leaving no stone unturned

These frantic nights stand trees still

Numbers are branded

Into the flesh on their necks

Picking away the skin between my teeth


Streamlined by missing minds

My savior is on fish hooks

River of skin without a face

Having money for stealing

Frozen emotion

Coiled in trash

Toddlers teething

The passion of a burning match

With a flame so hot

It melts the glass

Dragging the waters

Burning the grass

Thoughtless intimidations



Your bodies’ enlightenment

A blink of an eye

Warm rush


This is the sign for the exit that leads to good old Fremont St.  The highway 95 is a little bumpy at this point making it hard to get a clear shot. Adds character don't ya think?
This is the sign for the exit that leads to good old Fremont St. The highway 95 is a little bumpy at this point making it hard to get a clear shot. Adds character don't ya think? | Source

Bold, as the story unfolds

The lights seem beautiful

Something less than magical

To rid them of their worries

To forgive their mistakes

These evenings are enchanted

The visitors are simply candid

With hopes of fortune embedded

In their childish stages of daydreaming

Cold liquor is bottomless

Young ladies are topless

Human lures

Not Goddesses

The neon is gleaming

Their promotions are deceiving

Giving no option of leaving

With money left to be won.

Welcome to the excitement

Short of enlightenment

Treat yourself

To a feast for the eyes

Discover the mysteries

Tucked deep inside

Welcome to Las Vegas

Before the dam brakes


In the eyes

Of a Restless city


In the passions

Possessed by the bizarre


From the trails and paths

That led them here


More than iconic

With a face fit for a billboard


To the pride that drives them

With a fist clenched for defending


The memories

Of past mistakes



Before the dam brakes


Their eyes and hearts

With anticipation for what might await


Their spirits

In hopes of revelation

Sharing their bodies

Feelings and sensations


The lights of the night

Before the day awakes

Keeping time

Off their minds

Before the dam brakes


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    • SkySlave profile imageAUTHOR

      Skyler DeCristoforo 

      5 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Thanks for the compliments Sueswan! Ive been here in Vegas for a little over ten years now, and finally i'm starting to share some of my Vegas influenced poetry. I appreciate you stopping by, take care!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Hi Skyslave

      Awesome writing. Loved the line, "The sky got caught in God's zipper.

      Voted up and awesome

      Take care :)


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