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Walking in Sand

Updated on November 4, 2012

Walking in sand

I feel you by my side.

Sometimes I fall behind

You wait for me to catch up.

We continue our walk

Collecting sea shells along the way.

You laugh at me;

I want to pick up every shell

There are so many colors

I want them all!

You smile and help me sort through nature's jewels

Because you know how much they mean to me.

We continue our walk;

We laugh at the birds running across the surf.

They run back and forth to the edge of the oceans soft foam.

Occasionally we are hit by a crashing wave;

The cold water submerges our ankles ;

The sand shifts under our feet.

I stumble, but you hold on so I don't fall.

The sun is setting

As fishermen cast there lines into the ocean

Hoping for one last catch.

I have never loved you more as I love you now

Stay with me forever

And walk in the sand.


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