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We Who Hunt Werewolfs-Part three-And Deliver us From Evil

Updated on August 25, 2016

I and friend took some full moon pictures with a "old school" SLR 35 mm but I wanted to get this hub finished so I chose this one instead!

The Harvest moon.
The Harvest moon. | Source

Just in Time For Halloween, a nother segement to The Howling Heart

Lamar could not say that he never dreamed of being a werewolf hunter, for in fact it was all he dreamed about. Literally night after night, since he first read an old “encyclopedia” type book written in 1548. This was the"Discours des Sorciers" and it was once considered the best authority on trying witches and werewolves. It was written from a notorious Judge Henri Boguet. Reading this book was something he did for a school project and even though he spoke French all his life, it was a really tough read. He actually found it quite boring, then why did it invade his dreams?

At one time, this man, Mr. Boguet was considered one of the best witch trial judges in all of France for he had a passion for making witches confess. It was probably more due to the fact that he used torture in his interrogation process than any other means. However, he seemed to be obsessed with finding ways to make his subject talk.

Years latter, when the French society started realising that these people who believed that they were werewolves, may be suffering from a mental illness. The court soon became more lenient towards those who were not proven to be involved in witchcraft. However, this did not mean that before this happened that thousands of incident people were tortured and burned at the stake.

These innocent people would haunt Lamar’s dreams as he would watch them burn at the stake or be tortured by the cruel and relentless Henri Boguet. Then one night as he dreamed a most horrific dream about a young girl who was being tortured. He watched her change right before his eyes. Even in his dream he was shocked, for she was changing into a wolf!

At first her eyes started to glow and then her hands slowly turned into claws! She even grew fangs inside of her mouth! In the back ground he heard the judge gloat as this young woman went though this most revolting transformation, “see I told you she was one!” Then she started to howl and it was her howl that woke him!

He sat up trembling and covered in sweat. Could it really be true? Were some of these people really Loup-Garou, or werewolves? This is what sent him on a quest to find out the truth, to find out what was the real story behind the werewolf myths! He was not satisfied just checking the main books he could find at the local library. However, Lamar was in Seminary Collage in the year 1939, and France was of course caught up in the second world war. Being in his early twenties, he was drafted into the military as Chaplin assistant. Because of this, the time for research was limited.

He reread the “Discours des Sorciers ” and started doing as much research as he had time for. Lamar did investigate some of the people who were accused of being werewolves in this book and other records of this time. He discovered that there were entire families that were involved in shape shifting and other forms of sorcery. Though his research he discovered that some of these families somehow survived the times of the werewolves and witch hunts and then fled from France to start a new life in Canada!

Then on Halloween night in 1954 he had the most vivid dream yet. In this dream he was soaring high above a beautiful woodland area with a mountain ridge off in the distance. It was then that he realised it was raining. Not a gentle rain either, it was brutal with high wind and thunder and lighting. Some were in his sleeping mind he started wondering if maybe he was in Canada. Past the mountain range there was a raging river. It was like something was trying to show Lamar some clear land marks for future reference.

As he approached the mountain range, he started slowing down and ascending into the mountains until he saw a cave. As he neared the cave he could see a light coming from the cave that flickered mysteriously. There were also strange howls and other soul-piercing sounds that he had never heard before. Even though it was only a dream, he found that he was very nervous about actually entering. However, something was spurring him on to go inside.

The first thing he realized was that there was an arch way around the cave that had been carved into hideous creatures, like werewolves and other monsters. Once he got to the entrance of the cave, he was quite shocked by what he found. For this cave was like no other cave he had ever seen or heard about or had seen. Inside this cave the stalagmites had been hand carved to also resemble werewolves and other creatures much like the archway was.

However, this was just the beginning of the oddities and horrors he would witness. The next shock was that the cave was occupied by about a hundred strange animals that resembled the ones depicted in the carvings! There were not only Loup-Garous but other half man and half animal beings. Some of these were mountain lions, bears, Lynxes and werewolves! They all seem to be having a celebration, for some were dancing around a large bonfire while others were howling and beating on bones with other bones.

Past the fire there was a rock slab that seems to have been turned into a stage, for an Albino mountain lion was climbing up on to this “stage” followed by what appeared to be a young werewolf with fur the colour of germinating wheat. The crowed of strange creatures got very excited at seeing these two up on the stage for they became even more vociferous than they were before.

The Albino let out ear-splitting yowl that echoed though the cave. What was truly wired about all this was that it seemed that Lamar understood what this thing was even saying. For he heard words in French inside his head, this was “hail the new Alpha rising!” It was not long before every creature in the cave was now chanting this over and over again!

Then to his horror and amazement, a group of humans were being escorted roughly on to the stage. They were all bond and they appeared quite terrified to be there. These were both Native Canadians and French Canadians. It was then that the Albino creature spoke again. “Here are those who had spied on us and thought they could come against us!” This only evoked the excitement of the crowd even more for they roared and howled for all they were worth.

When they calmed down, the mountain lion continued. “Too bad they only brought twelve of them to come against us, for twelve of them will not feed all of us!” It was then that hysterical laughter broke out from the beast. This was the most frightening laughter Lamar had ever heard even though; he could still tell that was what it was. “Good thing we also killed many elk and moose and yet, these men will be great hors d'oeuvres!” The Albino beast then brought the first man over to the young werewolf who glared into his eyes and then proceeded to tear open his chest! He then plucked out his heart and eat it like he would a apple!

It was then that Lamar woke up screaming and shaking from the horror he just witness in his sleep! He felt sick and rushed to the bathroom. When he turned on the light he glanced into the mirror and instead of seeing his own reflection he saw the face of Jesus! The image was even wearing a crown of thorns upon his head!

Lamar jump back in shock as he heard a voice speak in his head. “Behold” the voice said, “I send thee as a sheep before wolves and yet thou shell not fear for I will prepare an army to go before you.” Lamar could not believe his own ears, and he thought he was still dreaming. Even as he thought these thoughts the voice went on. “For I gave my life to save even save some of these men.”

“This is your mission, to go into this wilderness to save those I will show you before they performed even more abomination!” The image faded and Lamar knew he could not withstand any more, and he gagged into the toilet!

This is all I will write for now...for if you want to hear more then you will haft to wait for my book! Being a first time writer I am aware that I will have my work cut out for me getting published by a major publishing house…this is why I am doing what I am doing, to appeal to this great community of writers, HubPages, to assist me with this endeavor!

Any suggestions at all will be appreciated!

Watch out for those things that go bump in the nigt!
Watch out for those things that go bump in the nigt! | Source
Oh yea...Happy Halloween!
Oh yea...Happy Halloween! | Source

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